Tuesday, January 18, 2011

oh the joys of school...

Hey Everyone,
So I was so sick yesterday I could barely get out of bed. I'm doing a little better today which is also the first day of classes. I would be so lucky to be sick when classes start up. So I'll see if I can find a job this semester, we'll see how that goes. Though I'm suppose to be really focusing on school this semester so odds of a job are slim which drives me crazy not going to lie! Thoug I'm also to see if I have time to write, I really want to get Pirates 2 (Heart out at Sea) finished this year, and work on Project US 3 (Project Not Again). I will also work on a short story that MIGHT go into a collection of paranormal fiction that a fellow author is trying to put together for the charity that fights illiteracy. When I finish writing the short story my friend Ryan says he doesn't mind reading it. Poor guy I keep turning to him to read my stuff!! I do not know what I'm going to write yet. We'll see how that goes!! I'm excited though!



  1. Getting a job while you're in school is always hard when you have limited hours that you're willing to work.

  2. Haha unforunatly very true, might just aim for ths summer, and focus on school and some writing for now.


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