Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mini Blog Series ~ Going Rogue

Hey Lovelies!
I can't believe is week 4 of the mini blog series. This is a story that will help you get to know Aaron from End of the Line.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 3
                    Going Rogue

Chapter Four

It had been a week and I was still at the house for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to leave after the ash had dissipated. Second, I didn't know where else to go. There was not much food here so I knew I had to be on the move at some point especially since I could have sworn that I have been seeing movement in the bushes. My hope was that there were some deers or bunnies moving around, but I was pretty sure I saw some flickering of lights. I was avoiding walking by the windows or the glass back door because every nerve of mine was on edge. Something was up.
Pacing around the master bedroom where I had been sleeping I tried to think of a way out. Leaving when it was dark would be the best idea. Keeping flesh against the wall I glanced out the window. If I got a little bit of a running start I might be able to jump and grab onto one of the tree branches on that oak. I must be losing it. A running leap into a tree? My luck I'd miss the branch and break my neck. Well, that would be one way to get Manson off my back.
Glancing out again the sky was full of oranges, pinks, and purples spreading across the sky. Whatever I was going to do, I was going to have to do it soon. I grabbed the jacket that I had found in the house, it was a little big on me, but I figured it was better than nothing. Walking into the bathroom I turned on the facet and the water sprayed out in spurts. I grabbed a clean razor and wetted it under the water. I quickly shaved my face of peach fuzz before grabbing some scissors to trim my hair. Who knows when I'd get the chance. I cut my hair to almost the scalp and put on a hat hoping to keep my head warm.
It probably was dumb to cut all my hair before I left, but not being able to wash my hair was getting to me. I couldn't imagine what Lauren felt about her own hair, it was much longer than mine. I thought back to when we first arrived to the house in Pennsylvania and she showered. Her hair looked so soft.
I shook my head and went to the window again. The bushes were rustling around the house. I cursed under my breath. They found me. I zipped the coat up and opened the window slowly. There were a couple of heads popping up around the trees and they were popping up to point in another direction. I crouched low to the frame and ducked my head. Once I had one foot over it let the other half of my body to follow suit. Keeping low to the roof though I crawled over to the tree. I stopped when I got close to the tree and watched a man go to the front door.
Taking my chance I leapt to the tree with a thud. I bit my tongue to hold back the yell from the new bruises. Working quickly I climbed down and ran down the street with shouts behind me. My feet hit the pavement and I tried to think of where I should go. A bullet whizzed by me and hit the car that I was near. Cursing I turned towards the woods, I tried to pick up my pace, yet not trip over any rocks. Dashing out of the woods when I heard leaves crushing behind me I bolted for a nearby car and climbed into the back of the car. Once I was in the back I laid down and pulled a lone sweatshirt over my feet. Taking off my coat quickly and I draped it over my upper half. Closing my eyes I tried to tune out my own racing heart to listen for foot steps. Slow breath in the nose. Hold. Hold. Release.
"Where the hell did he go?" a voice in the distance yelled.
"People don't vanish, go look for him."
I tried to make my breathing even to limit the movement. I would be trapped with no place to escape to if they found me. Air was trapped in my throat though when I heard the foot steps near the car. I needed to live. I needed to be able to see the group again. I know I complained about them in the beginning, but I needed to live for them.

The sky was completely dark by the time I didn't hear any whispers or steps. Slowly sitting up I stayed on the floor to peek through the bottom of the windows. It seemed to be clear. I put my coat back on fell asleep on the back seat.

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