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Mini blog series ~ Going Rogue

Hey Lovelies!
This is the third week into Going Rogue series! I hope that you are enjoying this, and don't be afraid to leave a comment. This mini blog series is about Aaron who is in End of the Line.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

                     Going Rogue

Chapter Three

The clouds were dark, but I was traveling a little in search for something to eat. My stomach was a little shaky probably from the water, but I figured I should eat none the less. Stepping out of the woods I came across a couple of homes. Their doors were thrown open and so where the garage doors. There weren't any cars in them, the families probably grabbed what they could and escaped. I didn't blame them. If I had a family I'd pack up for safer grounds considering I could see the top of an asteroid on the other side of the houses. Rushing into the garage and listened to the inside, waiting to hear noises that someone else might have taken refuge in this abandoned home.
Still I tip toed into the house, but heard nothing. I went straight for the kitchen. The fridge didn't feel cool, they lost electricity. I started to shift through the cabinets. They had sporadic things in them, making it harder for me to find something that did not have mold or had gone bad. Finally I found some crackers and peanut butter. I took the packages with a knife and sat on the couch. I started to spread the peanut butter on the crackers, it felt like food of the Gods. God I hope that Lauren and the group had food. The cracker suddenly felt like cement in my throat. I had food and I wasn't even sure if the group did. I put the food down next to me feeling sick, I was spineless. My parents did not raise me to runaway from my problems, but that seems to be all I was good at.
I stood up and went to the back door. Placing my fists on the glass I stared out into the backyard. The glass felt cool and it was then I realized how much warmer it was inside. The yard was pretty deep out and I kept my eyes out scanning the area as I zoned out.
Sean is tossing a baseball up in the air and catching it with a mitt. Paige is chasing after Sean wanting to play too. Mandy is right next to Paige. Jill and Cole are in chairs in the sun, just as Jill gave Cole a shove so that his feet would go over his head. I smiled just as Lauren who was laughing headed towards. She reached out one of her hands towards me.
I shook my head and the sight before me vanished. God, I wasn't expecting to miss them this much. I glanced around the yard and noticed little rain drops. Ash mixed through the air as the rain came down harder creating almost a thick cloud closing around the house. Quickly I ran to the front door and closed it, and went around seeing if the windows were closed. I slammed a couple of the windows before walking downstairs to where I left the food. Even the weather did not want me to go find Lauren right now. I was locked in this house for God only knows how long, alone with my thoughts.

That night I decided I finally needed to sleep. The rain had stopped, but everything was still covered in a thick fog of ash so I was stuck inside the house for a little longer. I crept upstairs, my hand skimmed the railing with each step. Darkness had overtaken the house. Yet a smirk grew on my face. The last time I tip toed up the stairs in the dark I was greeted by Lauren who had wrapped her arms around my neck, pressing our bodies together.
Shaking my head I found myself in one of the bedrooms and curled under the covers of the bed. Even though the windows and doors were closed the air was chilly around me. I just had to hope that Lauren was warmer than I was. My gut told me otherwise though. Glancing to my other side I thought back to when I shared my bed with three other bodies plus two stuffed animals. I stared back at the ceiling and racked my fingers through my hair. What was wrong with me? Lauren was everywhere. I got away from her to avoid this.
I took in a deep breath and let it slowly. Lauren is just a girl. Lauren is just a girl. Lauren. Is. Just. A. Girl. Then why the hell could she not get out of my head. I've been with girls before so Lauren shouldn't be any different. I tried to focus on the black of the inside of my eyelids. Under the tent of blankets I tried to calm my mind till I finally fell asleep.

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