Friday, November 16, 2012

Indie Giveaway Winners!

I would like to thank Shawn for hosting this fabulous giveaway. Indie authors are less known, true diamond in the rough at times. Just waiting for a reader to discover the story that the author worked so hard to get out there. Thank you Shawn again for hosting this and congrats for all the winners! (Again sorry for most of this post is not mine I am 'borrowing' it from Shawn because my brain is still scattered from student teaching. I will be back soon! Actually the words I'm noticing it's mostly the pictures I'm using!

Thank you for everyone who entered their work into the contest. Thank you for all those who entered, and lastly thank you for all those who helped spread the word of the giveaway! Without all those factors the contest would not be to the grand extent that it became. I hope everyone got to learn about new authors they might not have heard of before.



The winner of prize pack number one is....Tich!
Congratulations, Tich, I hope that you enjoy your new bundle of books!

The winner of prize pack number two is...Hana!
Congratulations, Hana, I hope that you are as moved by these stories as I was!

The winner of prize pack number three is...Cordelia!
Congratulations, Cordelia, you will definitely enjoy this bundle of books!

The winner of prize pack number four is...Kassandra!
Congratulations, Kassandra, you've got quiet the variety there!

And the winner of Emily White's pre-ordered ecopy of To Love or Die in a Steamy-reamy World is...Heather!
Congratulations, Heather, this sounds like such a cool read!

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