Friday, August 9, 2013

Grad School

Hey Lovelies!
I know when I graduated in May with my BA in History Secondary Education from The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) that I wouldn't go back to school. However I'm having a little trouble finding a teaching job in this economy so I decided to try what I had been toying with since high school, get my certificate so that I could teach Special Education. So applied to Georgian Court University by me, and I got in. So I'll get my certificate of TSD (Teacher of Students with Disabilities), but if I take 5 more class on top of the 7 then I get my masters on top of my teaching certificate. As much as I want to write for the rest of my life I also like teaching. I like being able to help students and to teach them, yes there are moments where I get frustrated, but it's a job you get what you put in. There will always be that one day, but what about the other days? I can't wait to get my own classroom, but till then I'll be subbing and earning my TSD :)

By the way on a side note Beneath the Scars was printed out on computer paper and I gave it to my Grammy to edit. I got too antsy waiting for a friend who has had it over a year and a half and I have been having trouble getting a hold of her as well. Bad combo. So my Grammy is going to give me comments and edit, I like to have someone else read it before giving my story to an editor go through it. More eyes the better! Thought I'm almost done writing the short story for Christmas Lites III which raises money for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, that and I have been already trying to picture Beneath the Scars' cover. You know getting ahead of myself...Welcome to both sides of my world, education and writing...

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