Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review ~ Come What May by Faith Sullivan

Hey Lovelies!
I finished Come what May by Faith Sullivan which is the second book in Heartbeat which I also reviewed. I'm enjoy her New Adult Contemporary Romantic Fiction novels! Then again I'm a sucker for blue eyes ;) 
Here is my review for Heartbeat and I can't wait to read the third installment! Also heads up, her books do get a little steamy, so if you're not into that or if you're on the younger side I wouldn't recommend these books. Otherwise enjoy ;)

There is nothing more haunting than nightmares that won't go away. You don't always know why you are having them, and your sub conscious knows all of your fears to feed off of. Adam keeps seeing Katie, the girl who seems to hauntingly know him, yet this stranger's death stains his hands. Adam is having a hard time dealing with the loss of Katie and forgets who he is. Jada is his new partner on the job though. A spitfire with shadows in her own past. These two have a very rocky road together as they try to feel each other out for trust. Their attraction for each other confuses each other, but there are lives on the line.

After the cliff hanger in 'Heartbeat' the readers are left wondering where the second book will go. Seeing differences between Adam of the first book, and the second. Jada is a girl you can relate to. 'Is Adam flirting with me, or am I just fun to flirt with? Should I allow myself to trust another person?' Who hasn't wonder those things? Girls will relate to Jada who is a strong young woman yet who is compassionate. Adam is a lost soul that the readers will want to give him a kick in the butt then a hug. To top it off, Faith Sullivan has the readers prepared for one ending only to pull the rug from under their feet, and wondering why don't they have the third on hand.

kindle $2.99
paperback $5.39
nook $2.99
smashwords $2.99

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