Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Good Spirits

Good Morning!
So I've not been in the best of spirits lately, I'm working on finals just days after my midterms. I've been job hunting for a teaching job for a year, and a couple mellow dramas I'm not in the mood to deal with. Sorry for splitting my rut out there in the open, but then this week I got a couple good news about 'Beneath the Scars'. The first being a friend of mine who hadn't read anything of mine before read it. She loved it apparently :) always good, and this is the type of friend who doesn't hold back or sugar coat things. Trust me. The other great news is I got today! Apparently one of the readers of 'Beneath the Scars' loved it so much she is using that book for her book report! Pretty darn awesome if you ask me! I never thought something like that would happen, and it makes me a little on cloud 9 which will hopefully make up for the finals I'm working on this week!
Happy Readings!

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