Friday, April 3, 2015


So I'm late in posting this because grades were due and this little guy kept me busy! I'd been wanting to get a puppy for awhile, I've had one all my life and it felt weird to come home to an empty apartment. Meanwhile my boyfriend wanted to get a brother for his dog. We'd been looking for months and I watched a bunch of dog shelters by the both of us. We looked at puppies and adult dogs. Then I saw this litter of twelve puppies that they said were Shepard mixes. We got there Saturday (March 28) and we saw the puppies, there were only a couple of left. The boys were asleep, but one curled in my lap and we were sold. We have a little Leo in our lives now. He's super sweet which I'm hoping isn't a trap for me to later be a mischievous creature. He saw the other dogs and tried his little best to keep up with them. Meet little Leo :)

The boys are bonding.

Big sister and baby brother playing, then taking a nap together :)

Apparently we've been eating wrong.

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