Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Break, homework, and gardening


I feel bad that I am only ever talking about my books, I need to get better with just writing on my blog. During this spring break I am hoping to get ahead of school work so that in a couple of weeks when I'm at my boyfriend's step-brother's wedding I can have a weekend away. That and two big projects are due the weekend of the wedding which doesn't help at all. I'm so easily distracted by this gorgeous sunny and 70 degree weather we've been having. The weather doesn't seem to be on my side with my school work plans. Checking the weather though it says it's going to rain the next three days. Part of me is bummed, but then the other part of me is like yay my seeds need water!

You might be asking yourself, what seeds? I am renting a house near my school. I wanted to make sure that I liked the area before buying a house. That and my boyfriend and I want to make sure we are a little more stable situation before we buy a house. We unfortunately found a house that we both love in the town we live in that's been on the market for nearly two years, but we're trying to be responsible. So we are renting from a family friend of his who is pretty much giving us permission to do what we want to the house.

Yesterday I spread grass seed around the front yard so I'm hoping that the rain comes soon because the clovers and dry patches are drying me crazy. I got frustrated with the clovers in the flower bed and one day I dug all of it up then a week later I planted random flowers. I wish I could tell you other than lavender that I planted.

Today my boyfriend decided threw one of his planks (firewood) near my flower bed and said I could use them as an edge. I laughed it off. When he left for work I looked at the flower bed, and well I dug it then put the planks in. Once I did that I took some of the other planks and laid them on the other side of the house where you can see an outline where a flowerbed used to be. I'll have to get seeds and plants for the other side because I think like how it looks. I'll post more when I see what survives my far from green thumb.

Now, to leave and actually get homework done.

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