Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer and Giveaway

I am home from an all day conference, day one out of three, and my brain is gone. This is day two of summer break if you do not count the weekend. Yet, yesterday I cleaned, dusted, mopped, and organized 95% of the house. I would have vacuumed, but I took it apart and couldn't put it back together again. Oops! Oh well, I gave something for my boyfriend to do to keep him busy in addition to a pot rack that needs to be hung up. Now that I am out of work and down to two weeks of my class I foresee many home projects in my future. That is, not including my writing ones!

However, I doubt you all clicked on my blog to read about me cleaning and organizing my house. Or my fail attempts of being handy with my vacuum. You want to read about the big giveaway that has 23 days left! The winner will win a big prize that is worth over $200! It has a gift card to Amazon, in addition to paperbacks from eighteen authors. All of the books are contemporary romance themed. Beneath the Scars and Project US are just two of the many books that are part of this package.

Click here for the Giveaway


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