Tuesday, May 1, 2018

What's up, and a surprise!

After all the cold weather and rain today's sunny weather is very much welcomed. It is a taste of summer. Summer is when school is out and I'll be able to get more into writing or marketing. Marketing is the bane of my existence it feels like at times. I'm not really good at "selling myself". However, the writing part I'm really excited for.

Why? Well I think I've finally got over the writing essays mind set and the muse has returned. I started the last installment of Beneath the Scars series. I am over 30k words in and I don't have too much left I think. It is bitter sweet finishing a story. It feels amazing to write the end for, but leaving characters? That can be hard and for some characters it is sadder than others. Can I say that? I'm not exactly picking favorites, but some are more fun to write.

I know there are some I want to get writing. I know I need to actually finish editing the last installment of the Mistakes series which I finished a couple of months ago. Plus my mom is going over three stories that I did during those snow days. She's a cpa so it's been her busy season so she hasn't started.

That being said she had beneath the scars 2 which is called Call for Help. After she is done I'll go through it again. Then I'll send it to an editor. I go through it again, format then publish. So it will be a little while until it is published. That being said I am thankful to those buying and reading beneath the scars, it is continuously getting attention every month. I love you all. However, not a lot of reviews.

I'm considering when beneath the scars 2 is ready of doing a form and those who fill it out and share the link to their review of the first book will get the new book for a lot lower of a price. Now not everyone is a blogger. A review could be on Amazon, Barnes and noble, goodreads, anywhere! I'll have more details when it gets closer.

Enjoy your spring!

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