Thursday, March 22, 2012

Name change

Hey Lovelies!A name for a character can either be real easy to find because it just comes to the writer or it takes a lot of changing. For me personally it can go either way, which is why it is not a wonder to me when my characters give me a hard time, I tend to change their names... Poor things. So when my friend Amy was editing End of the Line late summer, into early fall she gave me the suggestion to change Alex's name to something else because having two guys named with the letter A can be a little confusing. I saw what she meant, and considering there are a lot of characters floating around in that book (series ;) ) so I went to work thinking of new names. I came up with a couple, but then remembered there was already a chracter with that letter. Then I thought of a J name, but then didn't want to use that letter because I was planning on having this character and Jill talk more in the second book since they were too much in the background in the first. So now the top two choices are Cal and Cole for the character that was once known as Alex! I just wanted to share that little announcment so if someone who read the first edition looks back or reads the sequel starts to wonder 'where did this character come from and where did Alex go?!?!' Sorry everyone, for that, I really didn't plan on that, but thought it was a good suggestion that I should take :)

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