Monday, April 2, 2012


Hey Lovelies!
Blogs always talk about the reader's favorite heroes, but to make these leading characters shine we need our villians. This post was inspirted by two things a book I found on goodreads and I was watching The Patriot the other day. Jason Isaacs is the actor who plays the bad guy in that movie for those who don't know, he also does Draco's father in the Harry Potter series. To me I have seen him play both the good guy and well the not so nice fellow, BUT when he plays the villian he plays my favorite kind, smart and dyabolical. I love the majastic villians because there just seems to be a charm about them that makes them sly, even though they are plotting deaths there is a certain something that draws you to them. What's scarier then a bad guy that can think at a high level and seep under your skin? If you read End of the Line and Family Ties you can probably can see my fastincation with that type, they are fun to write for also.

Look at the the different types of villains we have dealt with since early childhood:
Smart woman with witch powers, every man's fear in history as we are told. How many of us as children was drawn to her as she spoke soothingly to the baby Sleeping Beauty, but then coward at the huge dragon at the end!

Here is the big and burely villain, the one that could not only kill you with his sword, but could crush your skull with his bare hands!

Captain Hook
The typical villain, out for revenge, but does not always think out of his plans. He does not double check to see if the hero is actually dead, the one you are afraid of, but end up laughing at.

The one in the mask. Here is the mascline man that all the woman swoon too, but beneath his skin is this dark creature to make sure he gets what he wants!

Some of the Crazy Villains, where you think has reasons for why they do things, but then their actions goes beyond that! What's scarier then a crazy person who you don't know what they'll do?!

The dumb dumb villains...they really want to cause problems, but were absent on Career Day...
The Villains that bring sheer terror just by the mention of their name...
 The Guy from saw ::shudders:: freaks me out! The idea of someone being that sneaky to get into your homes and then think he is doing good. Someone with all this power...

Darth Vadar! The hero who went dark side to protect those he loved, how are the good guys suppose to fight someone they not only raised, but knows how they work?!
The non human villains that makes us worry. I still have friends afraid of dolls!!

I still say he would be an awsome Dean Manson, but that's just my feeling :)

By the way this is the book I found on Goodreads that I must plot to get eventually!


  1. Great post, Ottilie! You are so right! If we had no villains, it would be pretty hard to have heroes!

    They come in so many different shapes and forms, can't help but love them all!

    I saw that book too, it looks really interesting!

  2. Hehe thanks Shawn! Excatly! Haha doesn't it? I might eventually get an used copy of that or something eventually for a good laugh!


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