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Review ~ Between by Cambria Hebert!

Hey Lovelies!Well I have finals and I'll probably be a little MIA this upcoming week with all that is coming up. I'm sorry, I'm trying to squeeze in some writing. I have to or this school work would drive me up the wall! Well according to one of my friends I'm already crazy so there is no way I could get even more so! Haha oh friends... However I have a little treat for you guys! I have a review and an interview for Cambria Hebert's short story Between! Now Between is well between Masquerade and her second novel! She's a Young Adult Romance Paranormal writer with a whole lot of spunk!

Interview with Logan

  1. What is your favorite memory of you and Sam being together
Playing in the backyard. We used to toss the football around and when we were really little we would play pirates and sword fight with sticks. It was really fun.

  1. Had Brent always been bullying you or did it start once Sam left?
No one bothered me until Sam left. Sam has this certain look that intimidates people, I think. No one ever messed with him.

  1. In Between you said that Sam’s favorite meal was spaghetti what is yours?
I like hamburgers with cheese on them. I don’t like tomato but I like ketchup and mayo on them. I also like to eat candy. Any kind of candy.

  1. What is your favorite video game?
Call of Duty. It’s violent and I have to play it when my mom isn’t looking.

  1. If you were not kicked out as well, were you planning on going to a college out of state to escape it all?
I actually wasn’t kicked out… I ran away. I haven’t thought about college, that seems so far away. Some days I only want to get through the day. College might be nice even though I don’t know what I would go for.

  1. Were your parents always that tense or did they start when the transformations started?
Well, Dad has always been Dad… but mom was different. I guess Dad wasn’t as strict before all this stuff started happening but he was never a warm, friendly guy.

  1. Do you plan on finishing high school?
*Shrugs* Probably. High school isn’t bad, I never minded it. I always liked science, so yeah, I’d like to finish.

  1. The old age question, do you like werewolves or vampires more?
*groans* I prefer none of the above. I have enough supernatural in my life, I really don’t want anymore. But I will say that vampires that sparkle are lame.

A life living in the shadows. Logan is a senstive teenager who is doesn't feel a place of comfort. He gets picked on at school and his homelife is a place where everyone walks on egg shells. For this bridge short story between Masquerade and sequel in the series the readers gain a new prespective into Sam's little brother's head in addition why Sam is wounded. When we first met Logan the readers are left with so many questions as to why he was such a mystery and what kind of parents could kick their children out in that matter. Cambria creates another story where the readers are able to get into the character's head so well that you feel for him and for the journey that he has been thrusted the readers are left for wanting more...
The story is written really beautifully. Cambria has a nack for creating these characters that has the readers feeling for them. Parts of the story will have the readers wishing to hug Logan as he has an inner tormoil. If you just finished reading Masquerade and plan on reading the second book I would strongly suggest reading this between them (no pun intended ;) )!

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