Saturday, May 5, 2012

Start of Summer Giveaway!!

Hey Lovelies!!So my semester is officially OVER!! Now I just have to hold my breath till grades come out, but I'm offically on summer break!! I'll probably will be working two jobs this summer while trying to squeeze in writing and seeing friends! Since I've been a little MIA and what not I feel like celebrating. I know I said I would do a giveaway for End of the Line, but that will be a little longer. I will be giving out one free ebook copy of Family Ties for one winner in 2 weeks (May 19th!). HOWEVER if more than 50 enter the contest then i'll giveaway 3 copies instead of 1! I'll be using to figure otu the answer. So help spread the word please! How do you enter? Easy! Just comment below and leave 3 things:
1. Your name.
2. Your email.
3. What is your favorite thing/memory of summer!
Good Luck everyone!
Abby's family prides itself with its knowledge of their rich family history. While trying to survive her summer job armed only with her sarcastic wit and her best friend Cory, she learns to watch what she wishes for. When she is kidnapped, her entire family is left wondering…

Do they know their family history as well as they think?


  1. Laura Hartley
    When the boy I was in love with asked me to be his girlfriend

  2. Leslie Deaton

    Lesliedeatonbooks at

    Going to the beach!!

  3. Aliaa El-Nashar

    Touring Cairo, getting to finally see the sphinx

  4. Oh Aliaa I'm so jealous that you are going to Cairo!! I hope you have fun and take lots of pictures!!

  5. The book looks terrific and the blog's gorgeous! I won't put myself in for a free copy -- I live in Egypt and the postal service leaves a lot to be desired. Good luck everyone!


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