Monday, May 21, 2012

So..What's happening?

Hey Lovelies!So what am I up to? Heads up I'll be working two jobs this summer so I'm still going to try to see my friends, write, edit, and read, haha I really know how to keep myself busy! I'll also in September and October be at a couple of events in PA! So with all of this going on what am I doing to keep busy in my small down time?

Well after talking to a couple of my friends I'm editing Project US because I need to stop being a baby and publish the story most who knew me in high school actually read. So I'm having fun going through that. A few of my friends Amy, Taylor, and Ryan are the main pushers for this to come out, they all really like that story, they all read all of it well the first two read all of it, Ryan read parts. Haha poor Ryan at times... I am remembering the fun times I had writing this story and it's fun to go back to the biggest root of my writing :)

My friend Amy is still going through Beneath the Scars and she's moving along with that. Haha still waiting for her comments. So do not think I forgot about this story. I love these characters, they are a little older then what I normally write so it was interesting, plus the genre was a little different. Beneath the Scars leans more on the literary fiction side which is a little different. I'm having fun wriitng different genres. Heads up I might have a couple literary fiction titles coming out...

Never thought I'd be the one writing sweet literary fiction love stories. If you all knew me in high school you would get it. I was very love bashing, not saying it was real, anti-Vday, well that part is still true...I talked about living in the middle of no where to be left alone...yeah I was that person, yay me...

Oh so the other thing I'm working on! Other then End of the Line still being at Amy from Eye for Editing, is my modern Cinderella which is another thing that brought me up to Project US. Similar characters, that type is my roots. Dorky girl and the not so dorky guy, yeah I fall into those traps. I am having fun with my modern Cinderella, I'm still waiting for a name to pop out for me though :/ that will bother me for a bit...You all will love the characters I'm sure :)

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