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Shifting Gears ~ Blog Tour Stop :)

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I was beyond lucky to recieve an advanced copy of Shifting Gears by the lovely Shawn Kirsten Maravel! If you haven't checked her out you really should. Shifting Gears is her fourth book that she has published, it is a companion novel to her book The Wanderer! Shawn also has a series published, Volition and Sererance, both series are both very different so there is something for everyone! She is a great person and you all should check her out! Shifting Gears will be availble July 1!!
How many times does a person have to run into a person before they realize that they found the one? (Raiting 4.5 stars) Olivia a sweet woman who once dreamed about being a strong person defending the innocent in courts life is turned upside down as she takes on a new career path as a relator, moves into her parent's home with her dog Melon, and breaks up with her long term boyfriend. As Welsey is recovering of the lost of a brother who he was close with even a year later the two meet on a not so common mission. In this compainion novel to The Wanderer, Shawn Kirsten Marvavel creates a love story that will have the readers envolved in the world that she creates. Olivia and Welsey are both realistic characters as both are just living their lives and planning for the future despite the bumps in the road that they have been through in the past. The book was worth the wait, and I suggest others to pick it up :)

Book Boyfriend (I'm a softy for blue eyed lionhearts, and Wesley lived up for it ;) )
Wesley Pierce (Shifting Gears-the Rider series)
Stats:Actor Look-a-like: Ryan Gosling
Age: 29
Hair: Honey Blonde
Eyes: Baby Blue
Love Interest: Olivia Michaels
Description: Wesley is a Virginia State Trooper determined to

Book Excerpts:
With a gasp she found herself pinned between the counter and Wesley’s firm chest. He placed his arms on the counter to either side of her and let a moment of silence pass between them, highlighting her vulnerability as she waited to hear what this was all about.
His proximity was threatening. His body a force of nature that boxed her in so tightly that she felt instantly helpless.
“It’s just you and me here,” he said in a voice that was deep and menacing. “No one would ever know if I was to take you back into the bedroom, the living room, right here in fact. How could you possibly know how safe you were with a man you only just met?”
With his body still pressed to hers Wesley exuded an animalistic hunger that Olivia was beginning to fear on a very real level.
“Please, I—” panic was coursing through her as if it were alive inside of her and she realized that if he meant her harm, she was helpless to stop him.
Wesley stood surefooted before her, his eyes searching her face, stoic and firm in his stance. Seconds ticked away unnoticed, as if time had stopped completely, and it became clear that her life was held captive in his hands. She began to wonder if he meant to teach her a lesson or if in fact he intended to assure himself that she was completely at his mercy.
After what felt like a lifetime Wesley pushed off of the counter and ran his hands through his hair, moving away to give her and maybe even himself as much space as possible. He’d accomplished what it seemed he had wanted. Olivia was shaking with fear and felt her face grow hot with anger.

“Do you have the hots for this boy?” her father asked in all seriousness. “Do we need to have him over for dinner so that I can show him my own gun collection?”
“Threatening the police isn’t one of your best ideas, Frank,” her mother offered in Olivia’s defense.
“He’s not the police, Katy. He’s some hormone driven boy who wants to sweet-talk our daughter into bed so that he can fire off a few rounds of his own.”
“Dad!” Olivia’s face grew hot with humiliation.
“I’m just speaking the truth, honey. He’s a man. Don’t think he’s never considered it. You’re a beautiful young woman. All I’m saying is that I’d like to send him a little message before he gets any ideas about trying to use my daughter for target practice.”
Olivia melted into her seat, covering her face with her hands.
“Frank, we’re eating.”
“Yeah, and?”

I’m just impressed that you graduated law school. That’s quite an accomplishment.”
“What’s so hard to believe?” she asked, a hint of spice in her words, ready to challenge his point.
“You just seem so knowledgeable about houses, that’s all. I kind of assumed that it was what you’d wanted to do from a young age. Besides, you look way too young to have a law degree,” he added with the intent of getting her riled.
Olivia pursed her lips in resentment. “I’m twenty-six for your information,” she said sharply. “That’s plenty old enough. You hardly look old enough to be a police officer,” she countered.
“Are you implying that I look younger than twenty-one? Wesley couldn’t keep his lips from betraying his hardened expression with a smile.
Olivia highly doubted that he was as young as she implied with the remark but it served him right for doubting her own age. “So how old are you then?”
Wesley’s smirk grew wider. “Guess.”
She squinted at him for a short while and said, “Fifty-five.”
Wesley laughed incredulously. “First I’m in diapers next you’re ready to give me the senior citizen discount.”
“Fifty-five is not old,” Olivia argued.
“Not when you’re fifty-five it isn’t.”
“Okay…” Olivia studied him more closely, taking the time to notice how his eyes creased slightly at the corners when he laughed and that his smile was still that of a flirty young teenager. “Thirty,” she said, all kidding aside.
“Close,” he said. “Twenty-nine.”


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  2. Your welcome, invade anytime! Again thank you for letting me read Shifting Gears! :) I added a little more to my review on Goodreads, I'll post the reviews other places when it pops up :)


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