Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blog Tour ~ Knee Deep Jolene Perry

Hey Lovelies!I am the blog tour stop today for the book Knee Deep by Jolene Perry who is also the author of the book Night Sky I posted not that long ago! I want to thank Tribute Books again for letting me read another book of theirs because I've been really enjoying this author!
Does loving someone mean losing your inner strength? Knee Deep by Jolene B Perry is the second book I've read by this author, and I adore her writing! I read this in a day. Senior year, the last year in high school which is suppose to hold all these options for students, their last year of high school Ronnie and her friend Mindy each year set a goal of what they plan to accomplish that year in their notebooks of firsts. However as Ronnie sets out to try out for the school's play with her best guy friend Luke her senior year is far from what she could have ever imagined! Problems arise from her soulmate of a boyfriend, Shawn. Ronnie's head is spinning as she keeps trying to understand Shawn while balancing the play. Jolene Perry creates a story that teens should read, not only because she has developed this world where the readers feel as if they are in the character's heads with all the emotional chaos that unfolds. Knee Deep is a great coming of an age book for anyone, yes finding love is important, but does that mean losing yourself to be with the one they love?

Knee Deep kept me wanting to not stop hitting my kindle next page button. Ronnie is a believable character. I have read books like this before, but the main characters annoyed me. However Ronnie is a strong character despite all that she is dealing with. With the strength of her parents, brother, and two friends Mindy and Luke she learns so much about not only herself, but life. Perry shows not only the present, but also flashbacks to help the story flow which were fun. Also I wish there were more Luke's in the world ::sighs::. This book is for anyone who loves love, characters who are real, and beauitfully written stories! I would recommend it. :)


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