Friday, June 29, 2012


Hey Lovelies!So I have a weird request! So I'm stuck watching basic TV and VHS' because my DVD player part is broken. Walmart failed e for having what I wanted after waiting 20 minutes fo someone to help me. That's the short story with Walmart. HOWEVER so I'm watching VHS' and comparing prices for DVD's for new ones when I am able to buy a new DVD player. So I'm having fun searching through my old VHS'. I came across this one that I use to watch all the time, but it isn't a real copy of the VHS, has a false name and I don't remember much on it. I will give a free ecopy of Family Ties and when End of the Line is done being edited, a free ecopy of that as well if someone can name this movie! ALSO DON'T BE AFRAID TO SUGGEST OTHER MOVIES FOR ME TO SEE :) I'm on the hunt of a cheap copy of Singin' in the Rain :)

This is a cartoon!
Cinderella type of movie, it's on the older side. Her dog is blue, and I believe her father is a shoe maker or he does something with beer. The girl gets a step mother who is short who tricks the father into marrying her because of some sign that is in the lines of his hands. The step mother has a daughter who has black hair who turns the main blonde girl is blonde. the cinderella girl meets the prince in the woods and he gives her a stone necklace that must be presented at a ball to prove that it is her. The chimney sweep is in love with the step sister, she steals the necklace from the blonde, but doesn't fool the prince. The step sister drops the necklace in a well.

The blonde falls into the well along with her step sister to get it and meet three talking frogs, one is the king. The frog sends the necklace to mother because both girls claim that the necklace is theirs. Along the journey to mother (I believe they called her mother...) the girls have to help a train with bread from burning, get apples from a tree, and I forget the third thing, but then they reach mother's house. The dog gets lost on the journey, at mother's they have to help feed a whole bunch of small children. They have a pillow fight that makes it snow, in the morning they find a blue flower that turns into the dog. They get back home, the blonde gets the necklace and the prince, and the evil step sister gets the chimney sweep....


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