Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Hey Lovelies!Sorry for so MIA, I know summer was suppose to be be my catch up time. I've been working 5 days a week, 7-10 hours a day. Well yesterday's shift was over 12 hours which was not so fun on the feet! Especially when I'm suppose to be studying the the PRAXIS and writing. I've been busy and feel like there is seriously not enough time in the day! It doens't help to have more closing shifts tonight till thursday, blah! I got to write a little of Runaway though at work, pretending that I was just working on an email... I've been doing a little writing on Runaway, Walking a Thin Line, and a little of Within your Eyes (Cinderella story). I've been so scattered! I'm going to be done with that job on August 15th though, then I'll be working towards my student teaching this fall! Haha because that will totally be no stress! Plus so much more free time...not...

Back to the writing though. I am working on End of the Line's sequel don't worry. I've been in the mood in writing Contempory fiction, I'm not sure where that craving came from, but I've been running with it. Even though I did submit a short horror story to my publisher (BCP) for it's Halloween collection, I used the story that I had for the literature charity that Elizabeth was trying to set up. It's a little different than the stuff you all have seen of mine so it'll be interesting. Otherwise the only other news I have is that both Amy's are still editing (one for End of the Line, the other for Beneath the Scars). I'd like to do a mini blog tour though when End of the Line is done for that story and Family ties though! I'll end now and save you all!


  1. I don't know if you took the PRAXIS yet- but if not. Good luck! As a teacher I know how stressful all those exams can be! Student teaching will be a lot of hard work, but it will be fun, too. I have had a student teacher over the past 5 years and most of the work kicks in duringhte 2nd or 3rd work (at least in CT). What grade will you be working with?

    I hope your writing is going well and I hope you will have some time to write once school starts!

  2. Hey Stephanie!
    I'm taking the PRAXIS on sept 22 I believe I am going to sign up tonight. Thank you :) they are I'm dreading it I keep having bad SAT flashbacks. I'll be working with 8th graders so I'm excited! So I'll be donig early American history with the colonies. Haha thanks I am hoping that the writing keeps up with the student teaching. I'm really hoping that I finish this one story I'm working on and can edit so that I'm not fully distracted. :) Hope all is going with you too!


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