Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bring on the Good Luck Dance!

Hey Lovelies!
Well it's been no secret that I'm graduating from college finally in like 33 days! Ah so exciting! I am still planning on doing a big giveaway for celebration, it would help the giveaway though if I get a teaching job that starts in September. I'm applying all over New Jersey, I've sent out probably close to 20 resumes out hoping for a catch. Of course I chose Social Studies instead of Math which doesn't help. ::sighs:: My head is spinning with all these resumes, cover letters, and application statement questions! To say the least I am praying for a job! If I could find out around the time of graduation I will be able to breathe! That means I will actually not work as much as I have been the last couple of years, I won't be taking any classes either which means I'll be preparing for my classroom and WRITING!! Oh how I miss my characters and writing fiction instead of being told to write stuffy! Not my wording. I'm curious what does everyone do to get that extra hope? Right now sending resumes everywhere, keeping all fingers and toes crossed, not crossing any black cats! Come on teaching job...

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