Friday, April 5, 2013

Novella ~ Best Friends

Hey Lovelies!
I published a novella this past week! I wrote it a couple of years ago for my own high school graduation for my friends as a graduation gift. I thought I'd share that with everyone. The cover is also one of my friend Amy's photographs (I love her stuff!), she also did the cover of End of the Line (second edition) and she and I are working on Family Ties' second edition cover as well. I felt bad adding the black square onto Best Friends' cover, but it needed to be a rectangle. I hope you take a peak at this short story, there will be a paranormal one in a couple of months probably too which is a little different from my other works.

Best Friends

Travel through Jordan and Michelle's friendship. Jordan has just moved back to her hometown with her daughter and she reflects on major points on her friendship with Michelle.


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