Sunday, March 17, 2013

A second edition...

Hey Lovelies!
So there will be a second edition of Family Ties. As of April 1, 2013 Family Ties will no longer be available through Bucks County Publishing. There aren't any issues, just between graduation and starting to look at jobs I want things kind of settled. I will have a second edition available withing a couple of weeks or a month. I will have it re-edited before hand, my friend Amy who did the new cover for End of the Line, will be doing the new cover for Family Ties. She wanted to do a photo shoot for something, and I'm kind of double dipping with it. Amy has already found a location for the photo shoot that will be part of the cover. Unlike End of the Line I doubt there will be new added scenes or plot twists. The new edition will be available with paperback, and all e-books. I plan on doing something special with my books for my graduation (check out the count down ===>) so keep your eyes out.

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