Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Ultimate Sample Sunday 2

Hey Lovelies!
Again sorry it's been so long. Even though I am only taking two classes they are seriously kicking my butt. One class is a book a week and the other is a research class which will lead to a 30 page paper due in April!  Plus I have been working on a portfolio so that I can get hired for a teaching position. So needless to say I have been a little busy. I am working on a couple of a sentences at a time on 3 stories, 2 of which are part of series so you won't see those samples here ;). So below I have all the samples I have ever posted for my Young Adult and New Adult genres! That is 9 stories and 14 samples! That's a lot, so enjoy! :) all the images I found on Google by the way...

End of the Line
Chapter 1 Lauren 
Chapter 2 Aaron
Family Ties
Chapter 3 Cory
Chapter 4 Abby 

Beneath the Scars
Chapter 1 Rily
Chapter 2 Eponine
Project US
Old Prolgue
Chapter 1 Rachel
Chapter 2 Nick

Chapter 1
Beaker to Life
Prologue & Chapter 1 Derek
Pirates' Life for Me
Chapter 1 Jocelyn

Within your eyes
Chapter 1 Sonja

The Four Purposes of Oil
Chapter One Noah

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