Thursday, July 11, 2013

Review ~ Heartbeat by Faith Sullivan

Hey Lovelies!
I'm back home from my road trip. Might talk about it on another time, right now though I'm home so I am posting a review! Nice treat right? Faith Sullivan wrote a New Adult book that I'll be reading the sequel soon :) that and I figured out my Christmas Lites III story!

Who is the rock in your life when it seems like everything around you is spinning? Katie is a woman who has always been sick her whole life, but when she goes to the movies with her Grandmother that car accident seemed to have a bigger impact on her life than anyone would have guessed. Adam is just a student trying to become a paramedic who shows up at a car accident to help a certain Grandmother to the hospital. Katie lives with her emotionally abusive father and Adam is running from a past he rather forget. These two are in each other's lives to help the other survive.

Faith Sullivan wrote an easy to read story of two people who just happened to meet because of fate. The story is well written, but also uses dialogue's from text messages and online chats to help develop these realistic characters. The readers will be-able to relate to Katie and Adam's need to find that comfort that they desperately need. Faith also has good vocabulary, but the language still flowed, which was nice to read. Heartbeat will have readers on the edge of their seats so that they need to keep reading with an ending that will have readers needing to quickly get to the second book.

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