Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Road Trips, Italy, and writing

Hey Lovelies,
July has been a real MIA month for me and I'm sorry, if it helps any I have some reviews coming. That and I'm itching to get my writing done, which is a good thing. So sorry if my blog post today is a little self orientated. The beginning of the month I took a road trip and met up with an old friend of mine, and hung out with a couple of friends. One friend and I drove down from Jersey to Virginia to meet up with a close friend of mine (strangely one of my closest friends is my ex, I know not the norm). We then drove to NC and hung out with friends with in SC, it was great to hang out with people after being a hermit in school, especially ones that I haven't seen in years. My 2006 Nissan Altima was a champ and handled the driving amazingly :)

Italy, I went on a cruise with my family that started out of Barcelona and ended up in Venice. My sister took the pictures on the trip so god only knows when I will get the pictures. Everyday was like 90ish degrees, no clouds so seeing Pompeii, Pisa, Rome and stuff was great! I have an issues with tomatoes (I have eating habits of a 5 year old) and the food was great. In Florence, it is sad to say one of the freshs things in my head was the fields upon fields of sunflowers, I like them :) Probably one of my favorite places was the Colosseum, I was told it was small and eh. Yet when I got there, it was just amazing to touch and see the ancient piece of history that use survived all these years, stories of gladiators and animals showing up to fight. I'll stop myself before I go all history dorky...

So writing...I'm itching to get things done. I'm still working on Family Ties 2 (invisible bonds) which is going well. Beneath the Scars is mostly what I wanted to talk about though. I know I said a year and a half ago that I finished writing it and my friend was editing it. She finished in December and I don't know what is going on. So I'm going through it again, and I'm going to ask for someone else to go through it before I send it to the editors to get the ball rolling :) I'll keep everyone in the loop, but I'm hoping things will be happening soon! I'm getting edgy...

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