Monday, November 11, 2013

Mini blog series...

Hey lovelies!
I just wanted to talk about something that I'll be posting soon. I mentioned on my facebook page that I was going to be starting a mini blog series this year. At the rate I've been typing I'll probably starting the series in mid-December! At one point I thought I'd publish it as a 1.5 for End of the Line, but honestly unless it's a prequel the mini short stories between stories kind of annoy me. A. I like to have all my series in one format. B. If it didn't make it into the book there might be a reason. C. Kind of drives me nuts that Authors do multiple between every book. I don't care if the author is a New York best seller or an Indie, it drives me a little nuts, sorry I did not mean to rant.

In a couple of reviews for End of the Line though there was question about what happened in a certain spot. The people wanted more details (sorry I'm trying to spoil anything for those who have not read it yet!) so I thought I'd start a mini blog series to help fill in those questions. So what I'll be doing before hand is I'm going to put End of the Line on sale soon, the paperback is already on sale, so the ebook. I'll post every Sunday instead of a Sample Sunday, I'll post a chapter of the mini series 'Going Rogue.' If you miss one week, don't worry the chapters are short and I'll post links to the previous chapters to each week. I love working with Aaron again, I think I'll always have a soft spot for him ;) I will say I was writing last night and had to remember if I killed a character off yet or not ;)

So keep your eyes out I'll give you notice on when the End of the Line sale will happen ($0.99 for all e-book formats!). While I'm working on the mini blog series I'm working on the series to see how that is working out, hopefully I'll have a better grasp on how that series is. I don't want to put out a series just for the sake of having a sequel.

PS This was probably in bad taste to mention something like this on Veteran's Day! I'm sorry, I just had to had off today because of school work and wanted to post while I remembered. I do want to thank all the men and women who have served and are currently serving now. Even in a time where our country is kind of turned upside down and chaotic that they still make sacrifices despite the fact they get overlooked. That is true heroism that should be honored. Thank you for all the military branches and their families for all that they are put through even though they do not get the thanks they deserve.

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