Friday, November 15, 2013

Review ~ I Am Yours by Faith Sullivan

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I revealed the cover for I Am Yours and done reviews for a most of Faith Sullivan's novels. She is a New Adult author, she focuses on Contemporary Romances with touches of suspense. She is also a writer who does write steamy scenes which I would not suggest readers under 18 to read! This one is the last installment for her Heartbreak trilogy! She did not fail

I Am Yours

Once you've found the one you've been hunting down, are they really who you thought they were? We last left Adam and Jada when they went to Adam's brother's wedding. Adam's soon-to-be sister in-law is carrying his baby though just as Adam finally runs into Katie, the dead woman that has been haunting her dreams. Now that you're caught up I Am Yours follows as everyone's confusion and lies are unraveling before their eyes before anyone can stop the the hurt feelings.

Faith Sullivan has the readers invested in the characters, twisting them in every direction so that the readers feel for both Jada and Katie, not wanting either to get hurt. At one point or another we have been hurt, possibly even felt as if we were choice too, the back up person for the one we loved. Even if you haven't Faith shows all the emotions in a realistic way, in her easy to flowing style. Her readers will not be rolling their eyes at her explanation for why Adam sees a dead woman. Just when you think the story is going way she takes a quick turn. Plus steamy scenes for those who are old enough ;) can't wait to read her next story!

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