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Sample Sunday ~ A Pirate's Life for Me

Hey Lovelies!
This is one of the stories that I'll be editing soon because come on, who doesn't like pirates? I finished it awhile ago, I think back in high school so I will be needing to fix the sentence structure a bit. However I'm excited. My goal is to knock out a couple of stories at once because if I dedicate a story to one Aunt and Uncle then wait awhile for another that could be slightly problematic. I have a couple ideas of the line up and a new story is almost done ;) it was a little hard to write a New Adult guy after Riley. PS don't forget to sign up for the giveaway going on!

Chapter 1 Jocelyn


"Jocelyn, where have you been?" an attempt of a stern voice was aimed at me as I kept my eyes on the ground trying to fix my hair.
My hair was so wind whipped I was having trouble getting my hair back into its restraints. Ratted out by my own hair.
"Sorry Papa, I just went on a little walk since we weren't that busy."
I felt a little disheartened. I thought Sly liked me a little even though we just met. At least interested in who I really was and not for what I could be used for. Then she had to come. I loathed Elizabeth with more hatred than I knew was possible before in my whole life. I just wanted to get away from her and to be like she has never existed, since I could not get away with murder. At the current moment I wondered if consequences of murder would be worth it.
"I'm going in just a few short days and I can't be having you wandering off whenever you feel like it," he spoke softly, his eyelids were heavy giving his eyes a weary expression.
Then he started to cough thickly. He had an arm wrapped around himself while the other was at his mouth. Papa fell to the ground onto his knees and I ran for help as my mind went blank. This could not be happening. This day was getting worse and worse by the second, at the rate today was going at the night would bring the black mark, bringing death. My stomach twisted at that thought.
I had to run for a bit till I found a doctor in the market, and he was fighting me to even come till I had tears streaming down my face, begging for him to help my Papa. All the while through the running and begging fear swam through my veins. This couldn't be happening, let him be alright. The doctor and I got Papa to his bed so he could look at Papa to see how he was doing. Papa by the time we did get to him, his mouth was covered in blood from the coughing, it had never been that bad before. He needed the doctor, but we could not afford this I was sure of it. As the doctor was examining my Papa I sat behind the curtain waiting, in a tight ball with only my own arms giving me comfort. The doctor took a little bit before coming out to see me. I stood back up only to be told that he would be lucky to make it through the night. The doctor left without another word. I nearly collapsed to the floor myself as I placed a hand on the table unable to look at the drape that leads to where Papa was laying.
Taking timid steps I wrapped an arm around my stomach, hoping that something would keep me up. I felt like a child again as I peeked around the fabric to see my Papa lying down with his eyes closed, raspy breathing, and a cloth next time him covered in red splotches. Bending down at Papa's side with my legs folded off. I held his hand through out the night as he slept. The silent tears flowed down my face the whole night. I was so afraid, part of me wanted to wake him up just to prove he could still talk to me. By dawn the hand I was holding became a frighteningly cold feeling, stiff. I couldn't believe it and I didn't want to, he was going to wake up. I couldn't bring myself to go to work. The doctor came by to check on him, and the doctor didn't look at me, but put a hand on my back. He just confirmed what I feared, my Papa was dead. He didn't stay with me long. Emotionless about telling me he would get someone to come get the body. He was my Papa, not some random piece of wood waiting to be moved.

They buried my Papa that day because they didn't feel like dealing with the stench in our home, especially since it really wasn't ours. Since it was part of the shipping yard they needed it back since he was dead. The master told me I was no longer living there and that I was kicked out, homeless. Since they only hired me because of my Father now they could fire me, which they did in a heartbeat. Not caring what happened to me. Didn't matter how much work we had put into this port. Yesterday morning my biggest problem was losing a guy to Elizabeth, now I was orphaned, homeless, and had no job for survival.
I sat there staring at my Papa's grave in the poor cemetery. Not a marker to make his spot any different than the others, other than freshly dug up dirt. I drew myself into a ball with my rags blowing in the light wind as the sun beat down on me, I was completely alone now. I cried not caring anymore what people thought. I was entirely alone in the world with no place to go. I was even poorer now than I was yesterday morning. My whole world was turned upside down.
"Jocelyn I just heard about your father, its quiet dreadful," an even voice behind me spoke.
I knew that wimp of a voice without having to turn around. He was doing such a horrible job of pretending he cared. I had no problem being bitter to him even if my Papa hadn't just died. I hated him even more than his sister, which I didn't think it was possible yesterday afternoon. I wiped my eyes with my dress to get rid of the evidence of the tears as my eyes narrowed.
"He died last night and you're giving me your sympathy now?" I snapped hearing the venom through each direct word.
"I guess with that attitude we'll get straight to the matter."
I turned my head to glare at him as I watched he walked in front of me so he was standing between me and the small mark that was suppose to be signifying where my Papa was.
"Since you hit rock bottom you will marry me and become a respectable lady. Then you will bore me children mostly sons so they can hold up the family name then-"
"Stop your horrible tongue!" I yelled feeling my whole body tense with hatred, my body felt like fire that could burn the whole island down was building. "I said before I wouldn't marry even if I hit rock bottom. The world could cave in leaving you as the only male left and I would pick death over you. If ladies such as your sister are respectable I refuse. I'm not going to lose my beliefs to be your living silent dolled up puppet."
He grabbed me by my arms and pulled me up onto my feet. I stared into his cold blue eyes as he tried to be tough. He wasn't dangerous he just had a bad temper like a three year old. I started to smirk, trying to hold back my laughter at how pathetic he really was a shell of a real man.
"You will and you will like it," he growled, tightening his grip as he gave me a shake.
I kicked him between the legs and ran for dear life as there was a groan filling the air as he fell to the grass. I sprinted gathering my skirts high giving my legs more room, to the back of the shipping yard where they had the garbage. I tried to catch my breath as I glanced around with my back against the wall. That was when I saw the few belongs we had in the garbage. I walked over slowly, my breath stuck in my throat as I ran my fingers over my father's second set of clothes. Then it hit me. There was one way I could escape marrying Henry and start a new life. I could finally get out of here and actually have a life of my own.
I exchanged my clothes for Papa's old ones, quickly hoping that no one would be looking. They were big on me, but these must have been from when he was younger because they were not as big as they should have been. I found an old rope and tied it tightly above the hips to keep my pants up. That was when I saw Papa's sword he used when he taught me. It was a little smaller than a normal one so it a little higher than my knee when around my waist. I held it running my fingers along the blade as the hilt of the sword felt old, but comfortable. This once belonged to him. It still had its belt so I exchanged it for the rope which really helped keeping the pants up, and I was happy to have a little bit of home with me.
I glimpsed down at myself and realized something. Actually it wasn't something more like some things. There wasn't much there, but they were there. I used the sword to cut my old blanket hearing the slice, not really caring what happened to it. Then wrapped it around my chest to make it flatter and it worked till I realized I couldn't hold it in place. I took out my hair pins and it held the cloth took a couple of tries to figure out how to get it to stay. The wind picked up causing my hair to blow around.
I tried brushing my hair back. Running my fingers through my hair my stomach dropped. I loved my hair. Bunching my hair together and with my other hand I rocked the sword against my hair till I was holding my long hair away from my head. I bit my lip as I looked at the hair, the hair lost just mean I was closer to independence. Loosening my grip the chopped strands fell to the ground. A slight breeze fluttered my hair out into the distance. I ran the now free hand through my hair, noticing my hair was shorter than Sly's.
I tip toed out and headed towards the public as a guy not able to stop running my hands through the new length of strands. I didn't have to tie it back anymore. I smiled at myself as I went to go search for a pirate ship. This was really happening. I had noticed there were a few coves our government didn't know about that the pirates hid in when they came to shores and no one was about to go tell on a pirate. I directed myself towards one of them without anyone stopping me or even noticing me. I was just a guy walking around.
I ran off the street, nearly skipping as I felt the sand fill up my shoes. I took my shoes off as each grain of sand sent sparks through my body. My heart started to beat as fast as a bird's wing as it soars through the sky, and I was finally about to be like a bird, not kept in a cage only to see the world behind the bars dreaming of what life really could be. Stepping over the rocks, the market was now no longer in view, the rocks smooth and slippery from the water as it crashed against them. I could see the ships and people gathered about. I started to run towards them as I tried to fight back a grin.
"Captain, is it wise to recruit here?" A man with an eye patch spoke.
A broad man, a tall solid tree of a man looked down at a skinny man with an eye patch. The Captain's black eyes glared at the man and the man backed away like a dog with his tail between his legs.
"Are you calling me daft? There are many poor men and boys here who are willing to partake in our lifestyle," a deep chuckle grew within the captains chest as he spoke his voice was as course as sandpaper.
His lips curled into an evil smirk that also grew in his eyes. As he laughed he threw his head back his thick, curly, black hair that was around his shoulders was thrown behind him, bouncing as he moved. Yet, his worn out Captain's hat stayed loyally on his head then he pushed the man with the eye patch away. The man stumbled trying to catch his balance with a wide eye.
"Those of you land lovers who fancy being a pirate go over there with our friends Tiny and Weasel." spoke the Captain in a roar of a voice.
I turned my head to see a man that was even taller than the captain, and might be the tallest man I have ever seen in my life. He was pure, solid muscle of a man with shoulders as broad as the horizon sky. He was completely bald with brown eyes that seemed to be trying to search into our souls, to see if we had what it takes to be here. My eyes enlarged thinking about how easily he could crush my head in his hands in the matter of seconds. The second man was a foot shorter than the first with wiry blonde hair, giving off the appearance of straw. His eyes were what really struck me about him. They kept twitching, and jumping from person to person, nearly a translucent blue color. I followed three other boys that were a little older than me, I was using their facial hair as a marker for their age, towards them. I was far smaller than all of them.
Tiny and Weasel glanced over the boys. They seemed very please with the first volunteer whom I thought I might have seen walking around the market before. They started to laugh at the second one and sent him away, but not till Tiny twirled out a knife from his waist and sliced a line on each of his cheeks. Which made me think he couldn't get in there was no chance for me, my heart started to speed up preparing what they could do to me. The image of two new blood lines being drawn on my face took over my vision. I never thought that they would reject people.
Then the third sent Tiny and Weasel into a fist fight on whether or not he should be in. The muscled one didn't seem to be putting any real effort into the fight. The Captain shot off his gun into the air and that seemed to get them to separate and get back to what they were supposed to be doing. The first guy and I were the only ones in that area other then the crew members that didn't jump in fear. My old boss was known for being gun happy to get things done.
Since the third guy did jump Tiny, (who turned out to be the muscle man) punched the third guy in the eye then the stomach because he caused a fight. Then a stripe of blood on each cheek like before with guy number two. His eyebrows were fused together. He didn't seem pleased that the Captain had to get involved. Tiny and Weasel started to cackle when they got to me, smiles seemed to be reaching their ears.
"Look at how miniature this one is Captain Black Soul. He's almost the size of a child." Tiny's voice bombed.
"Ha, tiny, oh so tiny ha!" snickered Weasel who seemed to have been hit in the head one too many times.
"I might be small, but unlike the other two I can defend myself," I snapped wanting to prove that I was just as tough as them.
I can do anything they threw at me. I was not about to step aside.
"Ah, this one has spirit," said the Captain raising an eyebrow heading closer to us now with his eyes locked onto me.
"I was raised to defend myself in every situation. I don't give up like those yellow bellies." I couldn't pull my eyes away. I was afraid if I showed weakness that I would be pushed aside.
"Ha, I fancy this one. Are you willing to listen to me and do commands like the others?" he had a smirk on his lips as he straightened up completely towering over me to prove the others statement that I was the size of a child.
"Aye, Captain."
I tried to hide my excitement. After all I was trying to prove that I was a tough guy not a giddy, childish girl. I didn't have a real high pitch voice to begin with, but it wasn't as deep as a normal guy's so I tried to make it a little deeper with some of the words.
"Have you been on a ship before?"
"Yes, I've worked on them," I answered trying to hold back from biting my lip and smiling.
A corner of Captain Black Soul's mouth went further up.
"You're in, but the second you do something we find disliking it will be the plank with you."
I held the grin and nodded my head. I can swim as long as land was in sight. Then they ushered us on the ship. I was given my first order to go to the front to help untie the sails so we could take off. Then we were on our way as the wind picked pressed against the fabrics. Tiny strolled up to me and gave me a bucket filled with brown water and a mop that had seen better days. I was more than happy though and I started mopping.
"You never gave us a name." Tiny growled.
"The name's Jo-" I stopped before I continued to say my full name.
"Get to work."
Then I started mopping happily. I kept going feeling free for the first time in my life. Feeling the sea air with the full effect unlike the beach which had a lot of wind blocked by the buildings. My newly short hair danced in the wind as a small smile graced my lips. I glanced up occasionally as I watched my home grow smaller and smaller. I could not see my actual house, but I knew it was there. I was leaving just about everything I have ever known behind me. The white sand was becoming a fine strip bordering the green blob of what was the island. I could almost see the Governor's place from the ship. The water seemed to be getting darker as we rode the waves. I was torn between from being homesick already and the exhilaration of the beginning of a new life for me. I had to keep myself busy with the work just so that I would not get caught up with staring as land became smaller and that I would not get in trouble my first day as a pirate.
"You missed a spot," a deep monotone voice came from behind me taking my attention away from the boards in front of me covered in murky water.

I glimpsed up to see Sly looking at me then he fused his eyebrows together. The air caught in my chest as my eyes briefly looked into his. The carefree smile that he once seemed to make his face glow was no longer there. His face seemed to be emotionless by all means, with the hint of question in his eyes.


  1. A female pirate sounds like fun. There weren't many of them. Best of luck to you.

  2. I'm hoping that it's fun. When I finish the first draft of this story I'm working on now I'm going to edit this one before asking someone to read it for editing. Thank you! :)


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