Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mistakes 3 coming soon

Leave it to me to prepare a werewolf story release AFTER Halloween. The school year has started and I'm working on math, grammar, and reading with my students. Nothing like having a student accuse you of liking to write when you are going over capitalization. Also leave it to the student to make that sound like a bad thing. Oh well, I guess I missed that memo! However, that heading is true. I have emailed the third installment of the Mistakes series to an editor. It is another novella just like the first two in the series. It is more action and build up. My goal is to have these stories lead up to the novel that I started while I was in high school (it has changed since then!). I also had fun and got to work in some reworks of a fairy tale in this paranormal story. It is a little different than the previous two, and I hope that everyone enjoys it! Also I hope that it helps your curiosity for the upcoming tales ;) Oh! I should probably say that my goal release is the beginning of November of this year so keep your eyes out for the cover release.

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