Saturday, November 21, 2015

Power of Love

I am lucky enough to be taking part BFI Love Fest this year. I appreciate being part of it and I get to talk about one of my favorite things to write about, love. All of my stories have some bases of love because everyone can relate on some level, boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife, siblings-siblings, friends-friends, parent-child, boyfriend-boyfriend, girlfriend-girlfriend, and many more.

I love watching movies like 'Shakespeare in Love', 'A Walk to Remember', and 'A Princess Bride'. 'Shakespeare in Love' is a fictional spin on how Shakespeare wrote one of his plays. In a true Shakespeare fashion it does have its ups and downs, but the emotion could cause strong emotions and turn a whole world upside down. Those are just three movies that come to mind, but I think 'A Princess Bride' is one of the best examples of power of love. It is a tale of two peasants that grow to love each other, but don't ever say so. However, the two are torn apart. The two are given obstacles and are even tortured. Then the only thing that can save our young hero is true love. This is a movie that is full of action and humor as well, a must love classic for everyone.

I can remember watching 'A Princess Bride' as a child and eventually I hope that to read the book as well. Now this isn't to say there are books that don't show the true power of love. 'Wildflower Hill' discusses the power of love between mother and daughter, then a granddaughter as she picks up the pieces of her life. In the adult novel 'Lover Eternal' I nearly teared up. This book is definitely a 18+ kind of book, but it talks about a vampire who is cursed who falls for a human who had been through years of cancer treatments. For obvious reasons they could not be together, and this is not. My favorite when I was in fifth grade was 'The Two Princesses of Bamarre'. It is about two sisters, one is more shy than the other. The bolder of the two gets sick and the other sister goes on a journey that is dangerous and involves dragons in search for the cure. The love for her sister (and later a boy) helps her find her strength against everything she is up against to save the one she loves. Of course if you go on my goodreads you could see the books upon books of that contain love and while I am writing it is hard to think of specific ones to choose without rambling (well too much...).

Now I might be a little bias with the next paragraph will talk about some of my works on the topic. 'End of the Line' is a story about the end of the world, but the power of their feelings between siblings, friends, and eventually girlfriend-boyfriend they fight a chaos world. Asteroids had destroyed everything, but they stick together to live. 'Family Ties', a Abby goes missing and her friend knows in his gut that she is alive even as the cops lose faith. 'Beneath the Scars' is about Riley who is covered in head to toe scars from serving overseas, but when he meets Eponine he is forced to see a world outside of his apartment. Eponine dropped out of college and works a job she hates to make sure that she has a roof over not only her head, but her ten year old sister's to keep a social worker off their backs. 'Project US', Nick and Rachel are thrown into a marriage at sixteen and together to find a way to get their lives back to normal. Nick starts to have doubts, but will do anything to make Rachel happy. 'Shadows from the Past' is a novella (that is on sale for free) deals with what will the power of love free a person from in the paranormal sense.

Love is a strong thing to experience, read, watch, and write about. It is all around us and will surprise us in ways we could never expect.

The BFI Love Fest is going on for another day, please check out all the videos, chats, and authors that are involved!
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