Friday, August 5, 2016

Dog Treats

Shhh we won't tell Ryan ;) 
I still have to post some pictures from my cruise and a couple of reviews of books that I read while I
was away. I will probably do one of those this weekend so keep your eyes out. I am sure though that you are looking at the title and wondering why is a book blog talking about dog treats. I will get to that. I will admit it that I am a bit of a crazy furry mom. When I started dating my boyfriend Ryan again (we dated back after high school, but remained friends for years) I joked that his dog Lily was my part time dog. PS we are going to not tell him about this picture of us from his step-brother's wedding in April on here. ;)

Lily is a mutt by definition, I can begin to describe what kind of dog she is other than she is a princess. For awhile it was just the two of them and then the evil step mother came into the picture and she had to share her father's attention. Now, I am sure that some of you are really starting to worry about my sanity after that statement, but she loves him more than anyone else.

The day we got Leo, I call it "What is this and
are we keeping it?"
I call her my silly Lily. Look at those ears, who wouldn't think she was adorable? Spoiled rotten though she will still try to wiggle herself between Ryan and I. A little before she turned one we got my brat Leo. Because Ryan was going to move out and Lily has always been around other dogs and i've always had a dog in my life and missed it. So March 2015 he and I went to the pound and picked up this little five pound furry baby who was weak. We found out a little later he was kind of skin, but he soon became my baby and he acts like it. Lily took a month really realize that he was not going anywhere and she was stuck with him. It took her a little bit for her to learn to share the attention, but they are dogs they will never fully learn that. Once he got big enough to play with and not just drag around by his collar they play pretty well. I swear though, Lily gives me this look at times of 'Why did you bring this thing into my life?'. However, when they go missing they are cuddling together. Then other times Leo pulls her curly tail to get her to play with him.

Like I said, that look doesn't fool me. Lily is actually allergic to some dog food. Her skin will turn red and she loses chunks of it so we had to play around for a little bit until we found a dog food that was good for her. It took us a little bit to get her skin and fur all healthy again. I usually spoil them when we go out at petsmart, they actually know the store by name and love going. When Ryan and I cook we usually research can dogs eat something. We've looked up potatoes, onion, and a few other things.

Leo, my cool dude :)

Now, who doesn't have a dog that doesn't have awful breath? I get them the sticks to help with their teeth. I've found a few things on pinterest for dog breath mints. I didn't think anything about it because I've made Lily homemade dog treats before and she loved them. Leo just sees the jar of peanut butter and his eyes bug out. I made this dog mints for them. Leo was fine, but poor Lily she got sick. She threw up and everything. The poor thing curled up with me on the couch for the rest of the night until she felt better.

Ryan asked what was in the mints. I told him oats, an egg, and a few other things which included freshly chopped parsley and mint. Apparently parsley even a fresh ones are not good for dogs. It can cause dehydration, throwing up, and a few other things for most dogs. Mind you before you all start yelling at me, I used less than half a cup which was less than what the recipe asked for and I gave her a square that was half an inch. I felt horrible the whole night as she and I cuddled all night. She's my cuddle buddy in the winter. I just wanted to warn all of you dog lovers, despite all those recipes using parsley do not do it! I felt stupid about it since I normally look before give them anything. However learn from me!

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