Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Review of Louise by Diana Nixon

So this was one of the first books that I read while I was away in July. I knew I would not get to read as much on the cruise, but I figured that I would take advantage of the time to read all the books that I said that I would review, but didn't get a chance to. I did that for a couple of books then some just for myself. Here are just a few pictures before I get to the review! After so many pictures of being forced into I was ready to throw my sister's camera.

Part of the Berlin Wall

Still in Berlin, Jewish Monument

Parts of the Berlin Wall

My mom and I in front of the Little Mermaid (Denmark)

Church in Finland

Part of Catherine the Great's Palace (Russia)

Peter the Great's Palace

Split Blood in Russia
The Vasa in Sweden

Old Church in Estonia

Estonia (Church)
Now for the review...

**Not suitable for those under 18***
Louise grew up hunger, cold, and alone in an orphanage where she had to work or she would be in big trouble. Just when she thinks she is free at eighteen she finds out the orphanage was a starting point, when she is sold to a dance club until she can work off debt. She is learning on who she can and can't trust, all the while learning a whole set of new rules. Her first night she is to do a private dance for a masked man. All it took was that one dance that spirals into a secret connection as she tries to figure out not only who he is, but who she is.

I have enjoyed several of Diana Nixon's books. She also usually has some pretty amazing covers. Diana's writing is easy going, and draws in her readers. I just had a few issues with the main leading man. He just seemed a little too everywhere, and all knowing. There was just one other thing that I cannot put my finger on that bothered me about him. Then she was so trusting of someone who would not reveal themselves for most of the book.

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