Thursday, June 28, 2018

Leading Ladies ~ Faye Harper

You all got to meet Jack from Call for Help. He is awesome, and I could gush over my characters, some more than others, but we won't tell them that. Faye is a character that I changed her name like three or four times. I wanted a name that wasn't overly girly or used. Then leave it to Facebook to have those pop up for baby names for different countries. I clicked on it and got the name Faye. I'm pretty sure that is the poster child example of why the ads pop up. Faye is a character I kind of could relate to. In high school I was ready to get out of school, to not see my peers, and to get out of there. Now unlike Faye I didn't go to college outside of the state, but I did move away years later. I feel like we can all relate to Faye with the sense of ready to spread our wings, to be more than what others might think of us.

For her I could almost see Lily James, but that might partly be because I like her work. I could even see her having fun with Charlotte from Beneath the Scars, I think Lily James does have a range. Fay,e goes on exploration for herself all the while helping her friend plan her wedding

Faye Harper

Blond Hair (the highlights count)
Hazel eyes
Favorite Food is Pizza
Raised by her mom
Is not a very organized person.

Natalie was already on a bike with an empty one next to her when I got to the gym. Her brown hair with the auburn highlights was tied back in a tight ponytail and a headband ensuring that everything stayed in place as she stared at her phone. She was wearing a pink tank top with black and pink yoga pants to match her sneakers.
“Morning,” I greeted as I sat down next to her.
“Oh my God, the dress was so tight in the dream that it wouldn’t even go over my thighs.”
Some parts of her dress were skin tight so I could believe it especially her reception dress. Well her reception dress was so short. Her ceremony dress was a form fitting mermaid. I didn’t know how she breathed in it.
“You’ve had a fitting you know that’s not true.”
Her brown eyes glimpsed over at me before back to her phone.
“I can’t believe you talked me into eating Jack’s last night.”
I resisted a sigh and eye roll in front of her.
“We were going to be working for a couple more hours and I was starving. I know you were too. Plus you had a salad.”
“Do you know how much fat is in a Caesar salad?” her voice became high pitch.
“Probably less than that slice of cheesecake that I had,” I chuckled.
Her head turned sharply. “You had cheesecake?!”
“I’m joking.”
Not. Totally worth it.
“Okay, because not to sound like that bride, but you all bought your bridesmaid dresses and they need to fit. When I say fit I don’t mean you can see the lumps through the material. That’s not flattering.”
Before I could say another word our instructor walked in and started class. There was a part of me that wanted to challenge Natalie about our dresses. Not that I wanted to replace that dress, it cost an arm and a leg once I bought it and had the alterations done. The shoes she wanted nearly caused me to be short on my rent one month. That was the longest month of living off generic cereal and peanut butter sandwiches.

“Payton wants to go to the bar tonight with all of us girls. That was who I was texting before class.” Natalie called over the bathroom stall.
“The whole bridal party?” I asked as I stepped into the second part of the stall of the shower to dry off from my shower.
Natalie was in the shower stall next to me. I raised an eyebrow though and crossed my fingers.
“Of course! There isn’t much more time left before my wedding and we need as much bonding time as possible. The pictures will look more genuine if you all can get along before the pictures.”
“What was I thinking,” my voice drifted off.
“I swear that accent of yours comes out of nowhere at times.”
“There are enough accents in this city that it can wash mine out a little.”
For the most part my accent was watered down, but I could hear it from time to time. I pulled out my clothes and draped them over my bag.
“So since you decided to break up with Todd a week before I sent out the invitations do you know who your plus one will be?”
I sighed. “Considering I accidently dialed my ex last night, I’m not really searching real hard for a date for the wedding.”
“Wait which one?”
“Which bar?”
“Um probably the usual especially since Sarah knows one of the bartenders.”
Yeah ‘knows’. Mostly the guy she slept with during her dry spells.
I pulled my light purple peasant blouse on and slid my pants up my legs. I sucked in a little to button my pants and I silently cursed at my hips. If it wasn’t for them my pants would be fitting. Fixing my bag I went out in front of the mirror to start fixing my hair a little before putting on make-up that was stored in my gym bag. Thankfully I washed my hair the night before. Leaning over the counter I was putting on my eyeliner as Natalie came out. She was wearing a blue fitted dress that came down to her knees. Her matching heels clank against the tile. She glanced down at her ring that was extended in front of her.
“I can’t get enough of this ring.”
I laughed. “I think you have a lifetime to get used to it. He spoils you.”
She beamed. “He does and I love it.”
Natalie pulled out a small bag and started on her face. She was mostly touching up because I swear she was wearing makeup when I arrived to the class.
“I was working on the tables last night which is why I asked if you knew who your plus one was going to be.”
“You can count me as uno.”
A couple of women wrapped in towels passed us and Natalie waited for them to pass.
“Are you sure, you could bring-”
I laughed. “Yes?”
Who was she going to suggest that I bring?
“I liked Todd.”
I turned to face her. She was running her fingers through her hair.
“What? He made you show up on time to places. He has an adult job, which pays well. He has his own place.”
I shrugged. “On paper Todd was perfect, but in practice-”
“Bad kisser?”
I shook my head. “Not what I meant. On paper Todd did have everything checked off. It’s hard finding a guy our age that has an adult job, pays his own bills, doesn’t live with family, and in this city is straight or not trying to become an actor. Yet, I just never felt that spark.”
“So does that mean no to bringing him?”
I hung my head.
“No, I am not bringing Todd to your wedding. I’m pretty sure he is dating someone by now anyway.”
“You missed your chance.”
I looked up at the mirror and my heart swelled. How true were those words? However, Todd didn’t come to mind when she said that phrase.

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