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Men of Ottilie ~ Jack Corrente

I really enjoyed this story. The first was so much fun to write it made writing a second in this series a little hard to write. It was a lot of pressure that I put on myself! I actually started a version, Jack was a cop and the leading female had a different name. She was visiting the town her family had a beach house in. It started to get depressing and honestly I wasn't into writing it. I figured if I was having trouble writing it, people wouldn't want to read it. I took some time off and a new idea came to me. I started to write then not long afterwards I got the story rolling. I enjoyed the characters, some of the lines I was eager to get to. Then again some lines I didn't notice until I was editing.

I love Jack. He was interesting to write. I went back reading the flashbacks and had to tweak a few things in Call for Help. I originally wanted to have most of the story told through phone calls/text messages and flashbacks. I love writing flashbacks. I have I think in this story it helps paint a full picture of Jack and Faye. I wasn't as set on an actor for Jack, so I'm open for suggestions and interested in who you picture for Jack! I like the actor Sam Claflin so I put him, because who doesn't? Look at that smile, so sincere.

Jack Corrente

Blue Green Eyes
Was in the Marines
Helps everyone
Puts others first
Great Pool Player

There was a slight breeze, but it was the first night that I could go outside without a coat. The sky was ink black and decorated with pure white stars clear as a bell. I was sitting in the backyard with my feet up on another chair. My head was tilted up, my phone that was on my lap went off. I’d been waiting for hours to hear from Faye. We had discussed going out tonight, but I hadn’t heard from her. I knew better than to blow up her phone. All I did was text her before dinner about asking what she felt like doing.
Don’t feel like leaving.
I had to ask, because the day before she went on about how she needed to get out and do something. That she was bored out of her mind. She needed to do something after the week she had at school.
Just don’t feel like seeing the outside world today.
What are you doing then?
Sitting in bed watching TV.
I raised an eyebrow.
You’re seriously just going to lay in bed tonight?
y not? Long week and mom is out.
I stood up and marched up the deck stairs.
Don’t be lame.
I opened the back door and through the kitchen when my phone went off again.
I just feel eh and don’t feel like doing much.
I grabbed my keys off the hook in the kitchen. Mom got tired of finding my keys all around the house.
“Mom, I’m going to Faye’s for a bit.”
She looked up from whatever she was working on at the kitchen table. The bright colors bounced off the walls creating a warm comfortable feeling.
“Okay, but don’t be out too late. We have church in the morning then we’re with the grandparents the rest of the day.”
I kissed her on the cheek and went out the front door. I practically jumped off the front porch and walked around my mom’s car to reach my truck. It was my mom’s and she gave it to me the day I passed my test. It was a used truck for her and the once vibrant color was now a heathered version of the color. However, working for Lennie helped me keep the truck running like I was the second owner instead of the third or fourth.
Starting the truck I made my way towards Faye’s house listening to the dings of my phone as she was talking until it went silent. She was probably not going to be in the best mood about the fact that I wasn’t responding. Apparently that was a one way street of acceptability. Finally I pulled up her rock driveway. I turned the car off so that silence was in the air and slipped my phone into my pocket as I slid out of the truck. I ran up the stairs and rang her doorbell. After a moment she answered her door. Her blond hair was tied up in a bun. She was wearing plaid pajama shorts and a baggy t-shirt, just further supporting her words of not wanting to do anything.
“I should’ve known that you were driving here since you weren’t responding.” Her voice was flat as she leaned against the door, her hand was still on the side of the door.
I grinned as she let me into the house.
“What else are friends for other than making them do things they don’t want to do.”
Her open hands waved around her shorts. “Once the pajama pants are on, I don’t leave the house. It’s a golden rule that I live my life by.”
I made my way to her room. “That’s fine I don’t have any intention of subjecting the outside world to you tonight.”
“I’m not sure if that is a jab at me or not.”
She crossed her arms as she stood in her doorframe. Her room was a mess, like always. Even though she had a desk her book bag and homework was scattered on her bed. Her soccer cleats and other clothes were littered across the floor. I tried to ignore the clothes as I was sure there was a bra hanging over the foot of her bed. My cheeks warmed as I pushed some of her old assignments away from her speakers and plugged up my phone. I had to focus. I’m pretty sure that she’d kill me if she thought I was looking at any of her underwear.
“What are you up to Jack?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know?”
“Well, duh that’s why I asked.”
I turned around as music came through the speakers. A corner of her lips curled.
“Time to get out of that funk.” My voice was a little louder to be heard over my music.
I turned the music louder and went over to her. She bit her lips almost to stop the smile from forming. She was not going to give me the satisfaction. She just stood there. I grabbed both of her hands and started to move her side to side. Ethan was going to take away my man card for this.
“Stop fighting our house party.”
“It’s just the two of us.”
“Whoever said a party had to be more than two people?” I asked her still trying to get her to move.
“Every normal human being,” She finally laughed and started to jump up and down.
“Embrace the dorkiness of it all,” I called out.
She broke out laughing real hard. Faye’s face lit up and I could not help the grin on my face growing bigger. She was at ease. It was at that moment I knew that I wanted to make sure there was a smile on her face for the rest of my life.

“Did you get any sleep last night?”
I lifted my head to see Ethan glancing at me through the side of the open hood of the truck.
“Sorry I didn’t really sleep last night.”
“Nightmares again?”
I shook my head and went back to staring at the engine. “Something like that.”
Leaning further into the car I tried to get a better look at the problem. That and hoping that he would get the hint.
“It might be time for you to see some professional help,” Ethan lowered his voice as he came over to stand next to me.
“I don’t need any professional help that’s why I got Bailey,” I shot back and grunted as I tried to unscrew a bolt.
“Did you just say you got a dog instead of seeking out professional help?”
I glanced up at my friend. “Dogs are great listeners and are cheaper in the long run.”
“What were you having nightmares from then?” Ethan continued to ask and started to lean against the car that I was working on.
I narrowed my eyes. I was going to smack him with a tool if he didn’t move.
“Why am I even hearing that name?” Ethan’s voice came out harsh.
Groaning I got out from under the hood of the car and stood up straight. I took my hat off, gripping it in my hands, then I re-slid it back on my head. The garage’s clatters and buzzes filled my ears, but I could still hear my heart racing in my chest. Her voice came to me once again. The high school Faye was fresh, crystal clear image with that smile still engrained in my mind despite what I wanted. My palms were sweaty already. I wiped them on my jeans pretending that it was because of the grease.
“Because she accidently called me last night,” I muttered and trudged over to my toolbox, making sure not to meet his eyes.
I turned my back and took some sips of my water. His eyes were boring a hole in the back of my head.
“She still has your number in her phone?”
I shrugged and turned around so that my back was against the cool metal of my toolbox. “Apparently. There’s some restaurant near her with the name Jack in the title and she was ordering dinner or she thought she was ordering dinner.”
“I’m pretty sure that’s one of the lamest things that I’ve ever heard of in my entire life.” Ethan’s voice was dry.
“Can we please for the love of God end this conversation? I feel like a middle school girl.”
“The two of you sound like it too,” Joey called over before sliding back under his oil change.
“Answer one thing first.”
I rolled my eyes as I turned to face him instead of Joey. “What?”
“How long was your conversation?”
I scrunched my face and shrugged. “A few minutes, not long.”
He nodded. “Good, I don’t need you running off again because of her.”
“I didn’t run off because of her.” I responded flatly.
“You two broke up, and she was on a plane to New York City two hours later, and then less than a week later you were seeing recruiters for the Marines.”
“That timeline isn’t accurate and you know it.” I grabbed a wrench and raised it. “This will be lodged somewhere if you don’t stop talking soon though.”
He held up both of his hands and took a step back.
“Okay I get it. I’ll drop it.”
I put the wrench back on the top of my toolbox and went back to the car that I was working on.
“You haven’t tried to contact her today have you?”
I just dropped my head and sighed instead of answering him.

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