Monday, October 22, 2018

Form is officially open!

I told you I would share the form today and here I go. Remember in order to get a free copy of Call for Help (Beneath the Scars 2) you must have posted a review somewhere. That means Amazon, your blog, BN, anywhere. A review doesn't have to be real long. It could be as simple as 'Amazing!' or 'wasn't too bad.' I will check out your link that you share with me and email you an ebook copy of Call for Help! Please do not share the ebook copy illegally. I am giving away free ebook copies. This offer will run until October 30th! Then the form will be gone and Call for Help will be up for sale on November 2!


Call for Help
Jack Corrente was once part of the same unit as Riley Nolan. Now after serving Jack is back in his hometown. On the outside he looks like his regular self. He is working at the same mechanic shop he worked at in high school, he goes out with his friends, and helps his mom around her house. On the inside though he is battling the shadows from the past.

One night his high school sweetheart, Faye Harper, accidentally calls him. His mind becomes swampier with memories of Faye on top of his tours. Faye was ready to escape the small town as soon as she received notice of her NYU acceptance letter. Now she is states away in New York City. She has a job she likes and a fast pace life. However, ever since that phone call she wonders if she took the current path for the right reasons.

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