Sunday, October 21, 2018

Free early copy of Call for Help

The sun is shinning, but it is freezing by me! The sun is giving a false illusion. However, I'm still excited for the upcoming release of Call for Help (Beneath the Scars 2)! Hopefully you are as well. I see many people took advantage of Beneath the Scars being free for ebook users. With that being said tomorrow (Monday) I will share a  form for you all to fill out. You might ask why should you do this?

This form will be for those who have posted a review of Beneath the Scars somewhere online. I dont care if the review is one sentence or a whole page on a blog or on Amazon. If you share me the link of your review then I will verify the link. Then I will email you a copy of Call for Help in any ebook format to you for free!! I will only do this for a short period of time.
Keep your eyes open!

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