Sunday, January 13, 2019


Good morning!
It is almost 8:30am by me but I've been up since quarter to seven because of the dogs. Savannah and Leo usually dont wake me up that early, but it is what it is at this point! I just couldn't go back to sleep afterwards. So instead I'm in bed with the dogs listening to the rain ice mixture coming down in my Minnie Mouse pjs. Because everyone in my family got a matching set!

Sorry for not posting much during the holidays and December. I had some family stuff going on that I was dealing with then my fiance and I were traveling to different family members during the holidays.

Plus we did a little wedding stuff while we were up. I got to see my actual dress for the first time! Back in June I went to a local store by my parents with my mom, sister, Grammy, and my future mother in law. I picked a dress in less than 10 dresses (might have been like the 7th or 8th). However, I got to see my dress which was in my size and correct color. I was a little anxious to see it and was hoping I made the right choice. When I saw it I loved it all over again. It was so hard to come see my fiance afterwards and not tell him anything. He laughed. After knowing each other for 11 years it's hard to withhold from him. My mom and I also decorated a cupcake display for the ceremony. Six months today I will be getting married!!

I'm late with posting the release date, but I will be doing that today. Yesterday I finished up the edits and did most of the formatting on Define a Hero (Beneath the Scars 3). I will be releasing the last in this series on February 15! A little over a month today. Put that date on your calendar because that will be the last Beneath the Scars book to be published. The end of the trilogy. Aren't you curious to meet Lucas Edwards? The man that Riley Nolan had saved all those years ago

I have three other stories that should be released this year, but we'll have to see how I can time that. The finances changed a little in our household so I'll have to see when I can do all that. Keep warm on this yucky day!

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