Monday, January 21, 2019

What's next?

Happy Monday!
Last night I finished the epilogue for Mistakes #5. I had finished that awhile ago, but the ending felt unfinished for me, which is one of my issues with short stories to begin with. Then in the midst of editing Call for Help I figured out what I wanted to do. Between all the other edits I put that on hold and finally was just now able to go back to it.

I know each story was a bout a different group and them finally coming together. So i gave each group their own ending in the epilogue. I feel much better with the ending now. Hopefully I can get that and a couple others to an editor soon. My financial situation kind of changed recently and hopefully will again soon so that I can get three stories to an editor soon. Plus getting stuff ready for my wedding in a few months. Wow that was crazy to say!

So until then, what am I going to be working on writing wise you may ask? That is a very good question. I'm debating on fixing up q scifi story I started in high school. After hanging out with some friends they suggested I write a horror story, apparently they thought I had a little sick in the head. I'll have to see what works out attention span wise and keep you all in the loop!

Until then, please come visit next weekend because I will be doing a cover reveal of Beneath the Scars 3, Define a Hero!

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