Saturday, February 2, 2019

Newish story

It's nighttime here, not my usual posting time. The fiance is playing his video game, Savannah is curled between us on the couch, and I'm writing. Well, more so outlining, which isn't something I normally do, a short story. After working on two Beneath the Scars stories and editing Family Ties 2 I had a lot of PTSD to be working on.

That's something I hope to never have to worry about and my heart goes out to the families that do work through it. It's a dark place mentally, so I put a couple other stories on the back burner and decided to work on something light and hopefully funny.

Back in high school I started a story about a group of high schoolers in marching band. I worked on it as I was in marching band myself. It had a lot of stuff we actually went through. Of course it was only the first couple of chapters but the band director (who wasnt portrayed in the best lighting) got a hold of it. Oops! He never approached me about it and I'd like to pretend he didnt actually read it.

I was trying to organize my writing folder on my computer to make sure everything transferred over. I clicked on it and felt a little nostalgia take over me. Talking to someone I am still friends with from band she kind of encouraged me pick it up again. It'll be a little weird to write something with zero romance, but let's take on a challenge right?

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