Sunday, June 30, 2019

New release ~ Off the Beaten Path

Good Morning!
It's a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon and I think this heat is crazy. Apparently no gradual process to summer we went straight to into the oven. So yesterday Off the Beaten Path was released! I had released the paperback a couple of days early. Now it is available for every ereader.
It is finally released after what three or four years of me saying it was coming? It went through a lot and a couple of editors, but we made it!

Off the Beaten Path
After a couple of years, things almost seem calm again. There is almost a sense of home and security. However, something they thought would never happen does - a group of people finds them. Once the crowd comes, everything they know changes. Their pack order and relationships are questioned as things are thrown for a loop. After everything that Mother Nature had thrown at them, can their group survive other people.
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