Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Mistakes Anthology Cover Reveal

So I am finally sharing the details for the Mistakes Anthology that will be released NEXT FRIDAY!!! You can preorder the ebook copy now, but the paperback will be available next Friday! I am also sharing that I'll doing an event July 27th from 6-10pm. I'll have several copies of each book including the new books. I'll be doing this even in Colonial Heights Virginia. There are more details to come.

There is a world that lives in the shadows of the moonlight that watches us. These creatures observe people from their past, remembering all of their wrong doing towards them while they were humans. Yet there seems to be trouble brewing in this hidden realm when one wolf challenges the leader. That one person causes a spiral of chain events that might put all humans at risk and the world that they know.

Now here is the full cover for the paperback. I hope that you all still like it as much as the others!


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