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Interview with Diana Nixon

Good Morning!
It is a cloudy Sunday morning by me. It is a morning that I totally wish I had some doughnuts as I was editing on the couch tonight. However, I don't have doughnuts and I have a bridesmaid dress I have to fit into in less than two weeks. I am also releasing a young adult book this week and revealing the pirate cover tomorrow!

However, we are here to gush over Diana Nixon's newest book cover and to get to know her before its release. Out of this series, this might be my favorite cover. I will say on a dork note, her favorite book that she has written is my favorite of hers. I have a good portion of her books to still to have read, but I have read several. Love Undone is probably my favorite so far. Sorry for the preview of an answer! Now get ready to get to know the author I talk a lot about.


Interview questions
1.       What is your favorite genre to read?
-          The one I'm writing – contemporary romance :) I can read fantasy at times as well.

2.       Do you have a favorite out of your characters?
-          My heart in this case will always belong to Evan Murray from Love Lines: he's smart, good-looking, with a good sense of humor, and he's a friend to die for. I think a lot of my readers, especially those who read Love Lines series, will choose Evan over everyone else.

3.       Which one of your books was your favorite to write?
-          Love Undone – for being a truly touching story, and Serene – for being a book that shows that life is not always easy, but if you just find the right person to spend it with, everything will be different – much brighter and happier.

4.       Do you have a writing routine?
-          I try to write at least 3k words every time I open my laptop to work on a book. I hate leaving my chapters unfinished. I don't like distractions when writing, that's why silence is my best helper :)

5.       Do you have another project in mind after the Shattered series?
-          There are actually two books that I'm going to write in the near future. One is romance for a box set that will include 23 more stories from various authors. And the second book is also going to be a romance, but with a very interesting and unpredictable plot. I don't want to give away too much at this moment. But stay tuned and follow my bookish news to learn more about both projects :)

6.       What is a guilty pleasure of yours?
-          Chocolate, that's for sure. If there's not a single piece of chocolate in the house, I can't think straight :) Especially if I'm in the middle of the writing process.

7.       Do you have any advice for other authors or aspiring authors?
-          Write stories that you want to tell. Let them be the reflections of who you really are. And never give up on your writing dreams, even when it feels like there's nothing you can do to succeed. Oh, and one more thing – ALWAYS start promoting your book even before you start writing it! :)

8.       What is your least favorite part about the publishing/writing process?
-          Advertising. Sometimes I feel like I spend a lot more time on promotion than on writing. It's a bit irritating, I must say. But that's the price you need to pay if you choose to be an independent author :) I like having everything under control, so I'd better spend more time making posts, then let someone else decide how my book cover should look like, or what kind of a story I should write next.

9.       Fall has started, what is your favorite fall activity? Or what is your favorite thing about fall?
-          I like fall for many things – but most of all, for the colors. It always amazes me how beautiful everything around you looks in fall. As for my favorite fall activity – I can't say it's an activity – but I like spending cold fall nights with a cup of tea with lemon and a good book in my hands, candles and music on the background.

10.   Can you tell us anything about the newest book in the Shattered series?
-          Faded is the 4th and the last story in the series. It tells a love story of Jeffrey – the guy you should know from the previous Shattered books. This story is divided into two parts – past and present, and it's being told from two POVs so that the reader could see the events through the eyes of both leading characters. To be honest, I like changing POVs :) It was a little sad to finish the series that I had been working on for a couple of years, but I think Faded is a perfect finale. It has a scene where all of Shattered main characters are together and it makes the end both nostalgic and happy. I hope you guys love Faded and add it to the list of your favorite reads ever :)

So are you now interested? I hope so! So keep your eyes open her newest book and apparently some upcoming projects!

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