Thursday, May 19, 2011

What's going on!

Hey Lovelies!
I'm terribly sorry that it has been almost a week since I have updated! I know I keep saying I'll do better! I figured I would share what is going on in Ottilie's writing world. I figured I'd start a behind the scenes type entry for my books. I'll do one for Family Ties probably this weekend, I'll share tid bits on what I was thinking while writing it and little fun facts about it, I hope this makes up for not writing in awhile! When End of the Line gets closer to being re-released I'll do one for that story and so on! Hopefully everyone will enjoy them!

I am actually almost done writing the end of Pirates!! I can't believe that this is almost done, my baby is growing up! I know that sounds a little crazy, bare with me. I'll be doing revisions for it this summer, the end will probably be finished this week, hopefully by tomorrow! While the revisions are going on, I'll be working on Project US, Runaway, Beaker to Life, and the short story for the charity! Curious if after the revisions if Pirates will be one story or two, and if only one will I use the title A Pirates Life for Me or Heart out at Sea. There will probably other projects as well, like figuring out what I'm doing for a cover for End of the Line. Taylor is usually pretty busy so I'm not sure if she'll do another cover or I'll take my friend Amy's offer, she offered to do a photoshoot for the cover when the rain finally stops here! Don't mind me today was barely overcast and today was the first sign of sun in a week. I'm in dire need of sun and beach! Hmm I feel like I'm missing something else....hope not and talk to you soon!

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