Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Working out Details

Hey Lovelies!
Well I'm currently suppose to be reteaching myself Italian because of my final is Thursday morning instead I'm watching Supernatural in my pjs, writing this blog entry. Life is good when morning is slow and Supernatural is on, Dean is amazing! I'll stop myself from ranting my fasnincation with Supernatural while I'm ahead, but right now as the title says is working out the small details in my life, or making them small so I don't have a panic attack. I have my last final on thursday after I had been working on two all weekend while watching a couple parts of the royal wedding. I prefer shows about the prepartion of weddings then actually watching weddings, I dont' care for listening to long speeches.

I'm currently looking with a friend for a place to live for school, easier said then done. Hehehe Dean really sucks at rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Wow sorry, back to course! Okay, so finals, finding a place to live, a couple loose commiuncation with friends not really sure if it is because o my choice of friends or because of college. The ex is trying to see me after almost 2 years of not seeing each other we are friends just not sure what to think of that. My stomach is doesn't handle stress anymore, yes at 19 I had killed it enough that stress and stomach doesn't add well.

Oh! Also working on doing a book signing in July! I'll be in Booktowne in Manasquan July 2 at 12pm-2pm!! I'm pretty excited! I have a couple people who are not in the state or the country that we joked that will be there in spirit! If you are out of state and will to have your copy signed I am thinking of opening the suggestion of allowing people mail me their copy with returning stamps I'll sign it and return it back to the owner :). HOWEVER if you are able to come I would seriously love it if you came!! I've only been to one book signing myself, so I'm beyond words, I'd love to see the support! I'll be doing a chat (I'll post the link when it is closer) live late June on BCP site! So like I said, working on the small details. Hahaha it's the 3 B's blog tagging day apparently! Sorry you all had to suffer an ADD Ottilie day! I'm going to stop writing now before you all have to suffer more of it!


  1. Good luck with your book signing - how exciting:)

    Found you on Book Blogs and am now following you - like your blog. BTW, really like your name... where's it from?


  2. Hehe thanks I'm pretty excited about the book signing! :)

    That's awsome! If you want you can befriend me on BookBlogs. Thank you for the follow! I always appericate it! Haha my name is actually a family name on my dad's side fo the family, I believe his grandmother, and I think it's german orgin.


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