Saturday, April 30, 2011

Top 25 Must Have Books for 2011 Spring Summer!!

Hey Lovelies!
Despite the weather here in Jersey I'm in a good mood. I got nearly 11 hours of sleep so that might be a big help! I'm still a little tired, but we'll just blame college for that! So yesterday really was really a good day for Family Ties! As I posted yesterday, Family Ties recieved 5/5 stars and was called one of her favorite books, recieved noticed that Family Ties was on the list of "top 25 must have books for Spring and Summer of 2011"!! Books such as Water for Elephants, Gone with the Wind, Wicked, and Family Ties!! Since summer is right around the corner and you need an idea of what to read I would suggest checking out the list! Abby was called a "great role model for younger girls".

Turns to raise an eyebrow at Abby as she smirks.

"Hey the public loves your characters!"

I laugh.

"I know! I love that!"

I also didn't notice till last night that I sold a few copies of End of the Line on kindles! I was surprised and happy about that! I promise though the edited verison is coming soon! Taylor and I will be working on a cover when finals are over! Things are moving along! I'll be doing a character interview with Lauren and Aaron when it gets closer to the re-release!

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