Friday, April 29, 2011


Hey Lovelies,
First got to love finding out AFTER consuming a product that you are allegic, not cool body! I inheriated from my dad being allergic to red wine. Not something I wanted to find out after hanging out with a friend I haven't seen in awhile. However I'll safe you from "my body hates me" rant. Nothing beats though not really sleeping at night because of overheating to chills then seeing a second review of Family Ties!

Books Ahoy write a really sweet review for it and I was touched. I've read the Twilight series, it might not be very high on my own list, but even I know that when someone says they liked it as much as Twilight, to take the complient and run up the hill, nearly prancing gushing the excitement! You are reading the blog of a girl who wrote most of her stories in high school (I wrote Family Ties when I was 16), was very nervous to even have people read her stories, to having now 2 books published and 450 people are trying to win a signed copy of something I wrote! I really hope that doesn't come out snubby, it wasn't my intention, but it mind boggles me and seems surreal!

I really am glad that people are enjoying Family Ties after they are reading it! I noticed that End of the Line gained a few more people on Goodreads, That really makes me thrilled. My stories are like my children, a part of me, sorry if that sounds weird! I just want to remind people please be patient! I'll have it edited real soon and in 2 weeks when Taylor is done with school her and I will be working on the new cover! I really love all this processes!

Again I keep links to all the reviews and interviews. If you click on the tab you can read the two reviews and compare, there will be a few more to come though!! :)

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