Thursday, April 14, 2011


Hey Lovelies, I was approached to do an interview for a blog, but it is a little different the other blogs that I follow. It is run by Pamela who talks about many things in life such as family, pregnancy, shopping, and yes books! You should totally check out her blog!! I was having a pretty crummy day, between seeing her post the interview and finally getting the paperbacks of Family Ties my frown was turned upside down! I seriously can not stop gushing over these books! They are thicker then the first edition of End of the Line. They have the new book smell (i'm not crazy!). I was not expecting my picture in the back of the book, seeing the cover in person. I truly can not get over also seeing my words in print! I know it is my second book, but after reading so many books over the years, then seeing my own words just like I've read other authors just aws me and makes me just beam! Last time I saw my work in print for the the first tiem I think I nearly killed my ex's (we were dating at the time) ear drum from screaming from joy on the phone. I felt so giddy seeing also on the back of the cover says "Ottilie Weber's moving story her second Novel. her First novel, End of the Line, Garnered critical Acclaim"! I feel all warmy and fuzzzy seeing End of the Line on there! I'm not sure if Abby would like sharing the claim with Aaron and Lauren, but she'll get over it! EEEEE I'm still buzzing about this!! Read this interview though HERE !! It was a lot of fun! I'm sure I probably sound a little more crazy then I normally do, blame school! You can also like Family Ties on facebook to see the pictures of the book in person and follow updates! ~Ottilie

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