Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Irony and Editing

Hey Lovelies! So I guess I kind of have a cynical sense of humor at times. I go to TCNJ (The College of New Jersey) and for those of you who are not from the area it is right near Rider University. There was a guy who has been visiting TCNJ, Rider, and Princeton looking for young girls. Last Monday (3/28) he almost got a girl into his car. He failed, but friday (4/1) was seen on TCNJ's campus, he was not arrested, but asked to leave and was banned from ever being on campus. First of all, really society you can't put him away?? Seriously? You know he is young girls, almost got one in his car, but all he gets is a letter?? I saw a picture of him and holy cow he is ubberly creepy looking, really sent a chill down my spine! Okay my cynical side is that Family Ties came out that day and it is about a kidnapping... So in other news, I'm going through End of the Line, because I am going to add a scene for the second edition to make it special. I am going through to see where the new scene possibly scenes will be before it is edited :) I'm enjoying the skeeming! Happy Readings, ~Ottilie


  1. That is a little freaky, he shouldn't have gotten a pass when he is clearly looking for prey. I shouldn't be surprised to hear stories like this, but I am everytime!

    You're doing big things over here! Good luck with the editing.

  2. It was a little scary to hear not going to lie, I just had flash backs to all the SVU and NCIS I watch. They finally caught him and sent him to a mental hospital, he was apparently a skizo. who hadn't taken his pills in 3 years and got out of his house. Haha thank you I like to keep busy and thank you! :)

  3. NJ represent!

    Though I grew up a NYer, my family moved to NJ after I graduated from college - we're near Rutgers now. I love Jersey, I don't care what people say ;D

    But yeah, majorly uncool story; though it reminds me of when I was a growing up in suburban NY and someone escaped from the mental institution down the street and rang all our doorbells asking us to drive him to Tarrytown.

  4. Haha! I try my best to represent NJ! It's hard with so many watching Jersey shore show...

    Oh okay I use to go to Montclair, and my mom went to Rutgers! Haha I agree! Minus my bad circulation and it's reaction to winter I love living here, I enjy 4 seasons and what not!!

    Haha yeah it's not a good story, but weeks later I can laugh at it a little, I guess that helps? Oh my god that is scary! Going up to people's homes like that, you feel bad that they are sick but you still worry!


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