Monday, August 22, 2011


Hey Lovelies!
I don't know about you, but I keep a mental list of what needs to get done. Not a real set in stone list at times, in additional at times can cause more stress then an actual hand written list! I'm a pro at adding un-needed stress to myself. Well there were a few things I wanted to get done during the summer, didn't really successed at some of that, oops! Well onto the bad news I start classes on the 30th (next week!) crazy too soon if you ask me!

Things that were done for the writing world! End of the Line, I finished going through it, waiting for Sam to finish editing it. And Amy and I have decided it was best to have a fall background for the cover so we are going to have fun with that! New author picture! Made the Book Trailer for Family Ties. Finished and sent in the short story for the Charity contest, waiting to hear if my story was accepted. Got a few stories outlined well my verison of outlining. Finished writing the end of Pirates part 2, and having a friend start reading it before I submit it to BCP publishing! Started the rewriting of Project US and hoping to get that done before or almost all of it done before classes start up. I really want to get that trilogy done before considering publishing it. The second just needs to be revised a little, and well the 3rd only has 2 chapters done and notes written on how I want to end it! Seriously wish I could spend more time writing, but we'll see what the semester holds!

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